Requesting a Review for Rings Of Tinuris

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Requesting a Review for Rings Of Tinuris

Postby ShadowChampion » April 1st, 2019, 9:53 pm

I like to request a review for the Rings Of Tinuris. Currently the comic is up to date on webtoons so it can be read here: ... e_no=46828

(Currently The comic on SmackJeeves is doing a daily speed run to catch up. but it's here: )

It's been a comic that's been going on for about 3 years so far and has gone through 3 (now 4 counting CSP) paint programs and changes to how I did the pages and uploads. So just as heads up, the first half of the beginning of the comic was drawn in psudo-manga format (so the pages will read left to right) until otherwise noted in the pages. It was also uploaded in single pages in the past which makes it feel like it's larger than normal, but since has been changed to be uploaded in bulk. I've been debating strongly on deleting the whole thing and then just reupload to fit all to bulk but alot of folks have prefered the way it is...idk

ANYWAYS. Criticism, Advice and personal thoughts and such are welcome. Heres the syanpsis:

Amateur inventor, Jason Legion, lives with his parents in the quiet mountains of Amber Falls. One night, after many failures he finally creates an invention that works as he intended. It is then obliterated by a falling star. Jason soon discovers that this 'falling star' will turn his life upside down, between dealing with the military, an eccentric astronomer and invaders from the depths of space.
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