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Re: Redesign

Postby foervraengd » May 25th, 2017, 12:19 pm

I am new to SmackJeeves and have no previous knowledge about it's past layout, so the little I can say about it is not based on anything besides my first impression of the front page.
My first impression was that the front page didn't give any introduction to me as a fresh new visitor. It just lists the thumbnails of various comics, which is of course great! But on a large monitor it all ends up very cluttered together in a narrow column with a lot of empty space on the sides (I have adblock which might hide any potential ads that are shown there).

The layout feels old-fashioned, the smackjeeves-banner looks tiny and the featured spotlight could def have way more space (I mean it's for featuring a great comic after all!) The arrangement of comic thumbnails is good but there could be some more space between the sections. I'd say the layout is doing the opposite of the Tapas front page - which is adding a bit too much space between the different rows. So personally I'd like to see something in between, give the featured section more attention, make the whole thumbnail-column less narrow. Also I recommend looking at how other big comic websites design their layouts, right now it is very popular to have a big banner with the website's name and their catchy slogan. And that drop-shadow on frames and borders is something I'd get rid of, because it really gives that "pre-2010 era" look (as well as the rounded corners - if you wanna be trendy then it's all about being "edgy"). The "Site News" panel could be better off placed either to the left or the right, but not in the middle.

Another thing; increase the text font size a bit because right now it is just a tad bit too small to be comfortable for larger monitors (as well as people with bad eyesight might find it harder to browse).

This is of course just my personal thoughts at the moment. The layout isn't bad, but it feels cluttered up. Use all that empty space at the top of the page, especially for the comic spotlight and banner/header.
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Re: Redesign

Postby sakohju » May 25th, 2017, 9:39 pm

Thanks for the screenshots. Are you running the latest version of iOS as well, or a previous version?

I am running iOS 10. I'm not sure it's the latest version of it but it's fairly recent.
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Re: Redesign

Postby H0lyhandgrenade » May 26th, 2017, 8:00 am

There are parts I like about the new layout and parts I don't. For one, I very much like the tabs at the bottom to choose which comics you see. Looks good, works nice.

My main problem with the new look however is that there just isn't enough art. Or rather, there isn't enough focus on love and attention to the art... With it all small and tightly cramped in, it looks a bit clinical. I think have the spotlight banner be large again would help with this a lot. I enjoyed seeing new banners come up there, and having nice, large pieces of art showcasing some things that SJ has to offer is a really good first impression, much more lush. I also think that the favourite comics' thumbnails could stand to be bigger, for the same reason. Personally I think I'd be happier to have recommended comics be prioritized in a space like that moreso than my favourites, though. Having favourites be another tab option could be nice.

As has been mentioned by other people, I don't think the community news feed needs to be that big. Maybe if it was smaller, site news could fit next to it?

Them's my thoughts.
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Re: Redesign

Postby GenesisInk » May 26th, 2017, 2:40 pm

I do enjoy the tabs, but I'm not a big fan of how cluttered everything up top looks. I have a large screen, too, so everything is just shoved into the centre with several inches on both sides being totally void of anything.
I really do like seeing my favourites on the front page, though, as I tend to check up on them most often and want to quickly see if any have updated before moving on. I like the comic spotlight being on of the first things I see, too, as I have used it. I don't care too much for the placement of the news, though, I wish it was a tab I could choose to check myself - when I was first looking for news on the update I completely missed seeing it and came here through the "Forum" link.

But yeah, my main issue is clutter, which is only enhanced by the large amount of empty space.
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Re: Redesign

Postby portisHeart » June 3rd, 2017, 4:10 pm

i like this version better than the last redesign in (?) december! :D
one thing that bugs me tho' is following:

- you offer the possibility to not show fav comix in one's profile, which i'm sure some ppl appreciate (i personally WANT them to show, since i do link to my profile for ppl from other places to find the comics i like, because they might enjoy them too).
- on the other hand, you don't offer the possibility to not show the comments the user made. and while i'm not a troll and don't "mind" ppl reading my comments nor do i need to be ashamed of them, as i write them they are directed at the comic's author, and maybe someone who commented on the same page, not to the general public. so when i direct someone from outside to my profile, it's to share my faves, not for them to see what i ranted.

hence, please offer also the possibility to not show one's comments in their profile, or at least place the comment tab behind the fav comix tab.
the comix are important here - not what the users babble about them. who needs likes, friends & such can go to faceplant, imho :roll:
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