March Madness 2010

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March Madness 2010

Postby Czar Squid » September 22nd, 2010, 12:29 am


A long time ago, there was a community challenge for everyone. To draw 31 comics by the end of the month. I made a promise back then that I would release a newspost about the winners. Well I'm extremely sorry for not doing this sooner. I would explain it, but I doubt you guys would even want to read it. So without further delay I present this years participants that were able to complete this cynical challenge in no particular order:

Image Created by H0lyhandgrenade Image Created by Captain Ghost
ImageCreated by Nymine Image Created by eishiya
Image Created by Airse Image Created by Hexaditidom
Image Created by Tezzle Image Created by tygermon
Image Created by MacSimon Image Created by Iaikaa
Image Created by DanaBoBana Image Created by Edgar the Alien
Image Created by Seren Lumiere Image Created by kotor
Image Created by peanutbutterpancakes Image Created by the-star-samurai
Image Created by insane_protagonist Image Created by Monkipi
Image Created by jetstorm

I just want to thank Crystal Hikara for not only coming up with the idea, but following it to the end. Even though she didn't make it. She did an excellent job at handling it.

If there is anyone missing/wrong from this list. Please let me know!
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