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Publish your manga

Postby Romaji magazine » February 14th, 2017, 9:21 pm

Dear all,

I am trying to start a manga magazine in Australia and am in need for talented individuals to send us their work to be published.

We are in need for content for our website and therefore we are looking for illustrations as well.

Below are details explaining the terms and conditions.

In addition, we do not want to affect Smack Jeeves and thus by being published via us will not stop you posting your stories on Smack Jeeves.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Kind regards,
Romaji team

Terms and conditions.
1. Content
a. Magazine is currently rated PG, therefore no blood & gore, swearing, nudity, or sexual references.
b. Magazine is very lenient on author creativity.
c. Any genre is allowed.
d. First chapter should be over 30 pages and any subsequent chapters should be between 16-22 pages.
e. Work needs to be original, eg. No fan fiction.
f. Needs to be manga themed. Note. If in doubt submit regardless.
2. Format
a. It is recommended that authors stick to an A4 format however, actual magazine may have different dimensions.
b. If work is submitted electronically, Romaji team will format to fit the magazine eg. shrinking.
c. It is recommended that work is submitted electronically.
d. Magazine will be formatted in order to be read RIGHT to LEFT and thus it is recommended that manga is drawn to be read RIGHT to LEFT.
3. Management
a. Must produce a chapter each month or bi-monthly.
b. Content related to manga is published by the magazine or on the website/Facebook page.
c. Illustrations are required for the first chapter and other chapters throughout serialisation.
d. Illustration may be requested for front cover.
e. Author is allowed to self-promote self and magazine.
f. In future, chapters may be reprinted in a compilation book which Romaji team will promote and will fund which a small portion (10%) of profits will go back into magazine. 90% to author.
g. Recommended to submit final draft prior to 1 week of printing.
4. Payment
a. Artists will be paid for all work including illustrations and story
b. Illustrations will be paid $20.
c. Chapters will be paid $25+ initially but as magazine success rises this will increase.
d. Payment is in Australian dollars.
e. Payment will be through Paypal
Romaji magazine
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