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Ready Player One is now a movie

PostPosted: December 14th, 2017, 3:36 am
by TheFunTrain
So I just saw a trailer for Ernest Cline's Ready Player One film adaptation. I'll pass along my friend Matt's recommendation: It's a good book and you should read it before it becomes dated quickly owing to the rapid pace of computer technology and pop culture.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. We'll probably end up seeing it in theaters anyway unless the reviews are horrendous. We enjoyed The Martian even though the film omitted much of the book to come in under 10 hours. The book was full of hip 1980s nostalgia culture presented accessibly to a cretinous millennial like me. Surprisingly, it was also very relevant and relatable to my 21st century computer gaming experience. The cynic in me fears this movie might be a calculated corporate money grab to cash in on pop culture while power washing most of what made the book good for fear of losing focus groups. I spied a Tracer in the trailer, and Overwatch is not the big thing it was a year ago. I wonder how much of the writer's original vision made it through to the big screen. To roughly quote RedLetterMedia, modern movies are becoming mind-numbing spectacles of noise and light. I will admit to being an annoying contrarian book snob here.

Is it appropriate to start a new topic? I searched bfiefly for a Movies you're Excited/Apprehensive for thread and didn't see one.