"For all ages" means for all ages.

"For all ages" means for all ages.

Postby MK_Wizard » November 6th, 2018, 12:23 pm

After reading a post by someone who felt bad about preferring cartoons to live action or rather, felt left out, I reassured them that there are a lot of people like this.
I happen to be an adult who prefers cartoons to live action TV especially now because I feel live action has become so mean or it has more make out scenes than an X-rated movie. And I don't like to watch people be horrible to each other just for fun or watch them do the stuff that makes me want to tell them to get a room. The number of live actions shows I do watch I can count on my fingers or they are old fashioned ones from the 90s.

With that all said, I watch a lot of cartoons and I am not ashamed of it as no one should be because they are for me. Their ratings "for all ages" says so. And I'm going to tell you something about cartoons, they are a form of art and story telling of which sometimes the adults get better than the kids especially if there is a deep message behind them. The same can be said about comics. My own mother adores family oriented comics and her favourites from the newspaper were "Ben" and "Zits". So with that said, I think the mentality of cartoons being for kids only is outdated and while some specific cartoons are for kids, that doesn't mean you're weird for appreciating them. I would used to sit and watch Sofia the first with family members and I found it cute.

So do not feel ashamed for liking cartoons even if they are kid stuff because honestly, I ask myself if the adult oriented live action really were for adults at all because last time I checked "adult" is not another word for "philanderer" or "meanie".
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Re: "For all ages" means for all ages.

Postby UrbanMysticDee » November 6th, 2018, 11:12 pm

I think I would take it in a bit of a different direction, maybe a bit further, and say that "adult" is largely used as a euphemism for a pre-adolescent who thinks being edgy and cussing all the time is cool. Every time they say "adult themes" or "adult content" or "adult language" they never mean stuff like taxes, or the fact that when you get older your body betrays you and you're tired all the time and injuries never fully heal, or slowly watching everyone you know grow old and die, or the fact that all your dreams have been crushed by a cold, uncaring world whose only truth is power, what they mean is cussing, hook-up culture, sadism, and meaningless violence.

And I say this as someone who is a horror aficionado, a lover of the human body when taken to its perfection, someone who cusses all the time, and I spent 5 minutes at work laughing at the fact that water heaters have nipples. I don't do things to be gratuitous, I don't do things to be cruel, even in stories where characters suffer deeply, I don't take pleasure at their suffering.

I don't even watch cartoons, really, because they've all become pointless too. I'll watch stuff from 30 years ago. I'll keep going back to the same bootlegs that I watch over and over again because everything else is scrofulous.

That's what I liked about the early seasons of My Little Pony, because it was innocent and pure before it became nothing but fanservice, retcons, and Spongebob-style "random" humour, and shoving Glimmer down our fugging throat every fugging episode, the most OP stupid fan character ever created. It used to remind me, and I guess the memories of the old episodes still do remind me, that there's still good in the world.

I think that's why the last time I went to see an R-rated movie was in 2009, because it's all nihilism. I still watch old R-rated movies, like Predator which I've seen so much by the time I was 10 that I had memorized the entire movie, or Gladiator. And I will occasionally watch newer movies when they come on TV like The Foreigner, which was really good, a good solid 80/100. But most movies in general are garbage.

It's the planned destruction of everything of beauty and meaning in the universe and replacing it with literal shit. You can walk into a art museum and instead of seeing these absolute master works by people who have seen God and encapsulated it in physical form you see literal piles of shit people have thrown together. The more meaningless, the uglier it is the more value it has as art, and it fills me with rage.

The media are run, at the highest levels, by nihilists who want to upload their brains into robots to live forever. We're not even talking about the "1%". The person down the street who mortgages their house to start a business and is a millionaire on paper but is really hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt is the 1%. We're talking about the 0.001%, the 40 people who have more money than the 5 billion poorest people on the planet. They want to live forever and they see us as cattle. If we give our lives to meaninglessness and hedonism then we will continue to feed them, and if they divide us into ever smaller groups who are at each other's throats all the time then we can never rise against them.
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