Baby VS Friday

Baby VS Friday

Postby ColeDX » June 8th, 2012, 3:13 am

There are 2 songs that are mainly known for how horrible it is (I can't tell if its bad or not, I'm kind of tone deaf lol) which made the singer of the songs commonly known.
The songs are known as Baby, by Justin Bieber, made years ago before he barely hit puberty, giving him a female voice.
And there's the other that was well spread last year, known as the song called Friday, sung by Rebecca Black, who became famous for the song, mainly in a bad way. She became the new 'Justin Bieber'.

Here is the music videos below

If you had to choose between the both of them, like literly, no choice what so ever, no "none of them", if you had to choose, which song would you prefer better?
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