The "help me find this song" thread?

Re: The "help me find this song" thread?

Postby ZephyrPrower » August 16th, 2012, 3:35 am

I don't know what in the world I just watched. I guess I'm not sleeping tonight.

But hmm, that tune is totally unfamiliar to me. Any potential context for why it's familiar to you? When I have bits of songs stuck in my head, I can usually remember what comes immediately after with a bit of focus and repetitive humming, or at least some kind of topic keyword.

I also happen to be looking for a song. I'd watched a Japanese DVD three years ago, with two unlisted songs playing in the credits. A few months ago, a friend finally helped me find one. Fell So Fast, by Above Envy (Korean?). I still can't find the other. I just did another search, and it seems I have a longer two-minute version of this song here: So, I'm guessing it's by another Korean group. I asked in the youtube comments just in case, but it's got so few views, I don't expect a response.
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