Team Teamwork: Katamari Da-Emcee

Team Teamwork: Katamari Da-Emcee

Postby FourStringFingerSting » July 8th, 2014, 1:39 pm


Team Teamwork came out with a new album based on Katamari Damacy!

In case you're not already familiar, Team Teamwork is a group that take popular rap songs and mixes them into video game tracks. Their previous releases include The Ocarina of Rhyme and Vinyl Fantasy 7. You can download all of their music for free on their website. Here's a bit of a lesson, if you're not familiar (also, NSFW):

Any fans out there?
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Re: Team Teamwork: Katamari Da-Emcee

Postby Seven Rain » July 8th, 2014, 2:03 pm

I love the Ocarina of Rhyme but haven't heard anything else from 'em. I'll have to check out their other stuff now that I know they've done more.

*Skimming through the Katamari album*
*Immediately hears Busta in track 2*
Oh god this is already gonna be my favorite track isn't it?
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