Does music influence your comic?

Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby PSA » January 24th, 2012, 9:59 am

I can't work comfortably without music playing or infact some noise.

Back when I used to rp ' The Other Side' I used to find that certain songs matched with my characters such as Bad Apple (Lets say English version) used to relate to the older brother Travis who thinks of himself to be walking a thin line between sanity and insanity between his soul and another through the story. Though if he was to be sent to his home world (our side of the portal) and was left there for some time he would in fact go insane. Most of the Planet Songs actually was inspiration for our characters as well as a few battles.

But for my current comic, I've been using Team Rocket remixes and the pokeraps mainly though I tend to just place my youtube playlist on contentious play and go from there.
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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby The Bearded Man » January 24th, 2012, 10:40 am

Music inspire EVERYTHING I do in my comic. How the next scene look like is ALWAYS relative to the music I'm listening at when drawing it. (In question of mood and some aspects of the visuals)
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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby suneater » January 25th, 2012, 6:21 am

I'm fond of using songs to determine pacing and atmosphere while drawing and writing. It's a rather complicated process to thoroughly explain, but it involves a lot of running around while talking to myself with blasting speakers shaking the house.
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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby Alphares » January 25th, 2012, 6:50 am

Music is the key to my work. I can't draw without music and I completely refuse to even take a drawing thing in my hand if there is no music at all.
It's impossible for me to work in a silent surrounding. Movies are the only thing that can sometimes substitute music....sometimes...
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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby BlixtySlycat » February 15th, 2012, 1:40 am

I listen to a lot of Dada rap. There's certainly an influence there.
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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby Durvin » February 27th, 2012, 3:01 am

I seem to only be able to concentrate long enough to draw my comic if there's some music on, and it probably sets the mood or something. I did notice that while I was writing the dialogue, I had wacky ol' Lord Kitchener having calypso rap-battles with Mighty Sparrow on Pandora, and when it turned time to do the panel borders and other nitpicky technical stuff, I switched it to electro instrumentals. And when my girlfriend's here cranking her stupid girly singer-songwriter stations, I can't concentrate to save my life.

Back when I worked in prose though--I had hoped to be a novelist at one point--I had to keep the music set to the right genre; near-future cyberpunk parodies demanded Devo, Super Mario Compact Disco, and Billy Idol's awful "Cyberpunk" album, and my fantasy-novel-based-on-American-folktales-instead-of-European tale of hobos fighting dire jackalopes required some old wax cylinder recordings and Mr. Tom Waits. The background helps set the mood for the creative mind.
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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby mockingbirdflyaway » March 1st, 2012, 12:15 am

My creativity goes COMPLETELY OUT THE WINDOW if I don't have music on. I lost my iPod once for about three months and I couldn't afford to replace it. My brain felt like it was rotting, because when I have music playing, my head will spontaneously start generating scenes and character moments and images. No music.... meant my head was a lot less image-motivated.

I'm also a complete hard-core playlist dork.

I have playlists for every character, for different emotional states, for different stories and ones labeled with things like "Cleaning songs", "songs that I can sing" and lists of which songs my parrots prefer. (For some reason, my cockatoo ADORES "Mickey" by B*Witched. Don't ask me why. She starts bobbing her head and whistling).

Each character in Lords of Kaigande has their own playlist, and a couple of them have team playlists. (I have one for Riyan and Mendel, and another for Alexandra and Tieryn, and yet another for Tieryn and Rahel).

Some samples:

Riyan Mitali
Spoiler! :
The biggest song for Riyan is "King of Anything" by Sara Bareilles. It's the song that outlines a lot of what happens to her and how she views life, and especially, Mendel, who is one of her best friends.

The next one is "Almost There" from Princess and the Frog Riyan's father was a huge influence on her growing up, really teaching her to stand on her own two feet and work hard what she wants, because since she's not an acknowledged heir of her mother's family, none of her mother's noble privileges really get passed on to her, and she's wrestled her way up in a profession (machiology, which is the study of magic from a cultural anthropology perspective) that she both loves and is considered unusual for a magician of her status level.

"Heroes And Thieves" by Vanessa Carlton ( ) is another huge one - and HERE THERE BE SPOILERS - but this song really personifies Riyan's later struggles as she tries to rule Langara in Mendel's stead, trying to keep civil war from erupting and dealing with Mendel's injuries and struggling with who and who not to trust. And she makes some big mistakes in this regard too. I almost imagine her singing it to him as she sits by his bed, breaking down as all the stress gets to her.

"Calypso" from the PotC:At World's End soundtrack is what would play when Riyan makes a very very significant discovery related to her work.

Tieryn Mitali
Spoiler! :
"Remember the Name" by Fort Minor is one of Tieryn's major themes, because he had such a strong, all-consuming need to prove himself when he was growing up. It's not really mentioned explicitly in the comic yet, but he's the eldest grandson of a noble house where magician-ship is it's defining mark - and he was born with nary a spark of magic to his name. To rub salt in the wound, Riyan, his younger sister, was born with enough raw magical talent to rival their mother and the royal houses. But as a result, since he was so determined to excel in something, his professional reputation, and subsequently, his duty to the public as a police officer, mean A LOT to him. And even though he's mellowed out a fair bit since the Twin Cities Disaster, woe be to anyone who underestimates him or his officers.

"Unstoppable" by E.S. Posthumous - You don't mess with Tieryn or stand in his way when there's people to be saved or police work to be done. He may not have a scrap of magic ability, but he can still kick your ass six ways from sunday while calmly instructing his rookie officers about proper handcuffing techniques. He's also one of those people who doesn't give up easily or let go of things once he's allowed himself to sink his teeth into them. His defining moment was when he woke up one morning to a combined earthquake and flooding disaster that killed his Captain and most of his fellow officers, leaving him as only ranking officer still on his feet. Through a combination of authority, delegating, sheer willpower, shouting and judicious use of his truncheon on troublemakers, he managed to organize the survivors into starting search-and-rescue efforts, making shelters, first-aid teams and food/water teams even as after-shocks still rocked the city. It also made him realize that his previously selfishly ambitious plans for himself meant almost nothing in the grand scheme of things. Ironically, it was after he decided that he didn't care about advancing in the ranks any more, that he was promoted to Captain.

"Oh how happy you have made me" by Shades of Blue - Tieryn being the workaholic that he is, he's really shy and awkward around people he doesn't know well or just when he's out of uniform in general, because then he doesn't have his authority to fall back on. So, he has a really hard time expressing himself emotionally or being romantic at all. If Lords of Kaigande was a movie, there'd be a montage where you can see him falling in love with someone who was dropped into his life, rather by accident, and you'd see it slowly dawning on him that he's more and more cheerful having her around and how much he cares for her. And this would be the music that would be playing through that montage.

"Set Fire to the Third Bar" by Snow Patrol is another big one - because when this previously mentioned girl leaves to go back home, well, he ends up really heartbroken, but you'd never guess if you met him at work.

The main title from Battlestar Galactaca - The script for one of Tieryn's turning points later in the story was written from this song.

Prince Amendelivan (Mendel)
Spoiler! :
"Funny Little World" by Alexander Rybak - Pretty much sums up how Mendel has felt about Riyan since they were kids. You would not imagine his delight when he managed to come up with a legitimate reason to court her.

"Becoming Jerome" from the GATTACA soundtrack always seems like a song that would be playing as Mendel was working - it's both cheerful and driving, and really sounds like his personality, if that makes any sense.

"When you say you love me" - Josh Groban - This is a song that would be close to Mendel's heart - being crown prince, he has plenty of acquaintances and a lot of social and political power, and he's deeply aware of how people will try and work him to their own ends. So when he finds someone who actually demonstrates they care about him, rather than who he is, it's something he really values, even if he doesn't let on about it much. In fact, he's still overbearing, even to his friends. But internally... his world really does go a bit still when he sees something that really touches him,

Kiss & Tell - Alexander Rybak - Welp, Mendel learned this lesson the hard way. :D He never forgot it.

A lot of Alexander Rybak's music is in Mendel's playlist. Rybak reminds me a lot of him.

Rahel Lugena
Spoiler! :
Firework - Katy Perry -

Stronger - Kelly Clarkson - Rahel's had almost every professional and educational opportunity she's had explode in her face due to being unable to control or shut out her extremely strong empathic and projection abilities - she both feels the emotions of everyone around her, and when her own emotions are high or strongly felt, they bleed out and affect others around her. As a result, she has extremely low self-esteem and confidence, and chaos seems to follow her. Initially, Tieryn is horrified to have such a problem officer assigned to his district, and he begins to train her very thoroughly in order to keep her from getting someone else killed. But this sort of mentorship really helps her gain more confidence and become a more effective officer. The telepathic thing, they're still working on.

Everytime I Breathe - Sara Harmer - A song that really would highlight Rahel's rather frustrating family.
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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby Aforextreme » March 22nd, 2012, 9:14 pm

VERY yes, although it's mostly just random references and nods. The main female lead is named after the album Kezia by Protest the Hero, and the main league of villains all have names referencing members or names of progressive metal/rock bands. Briggs (Between the Buried and Me), Rody (Protest the Hero), Dillinger (The Dillinger Escape Plan), Giles (Between the Buried and Me), Tosin (Animals as Leaders). Another PTH reference comes from Porter, the main character's friend early in the story. He's named after the Japan-only track "To Porter, With Love", and his shirt features another reference: the pixelly mascot of chiptune/rock band I Fight Dragons.

And actually, looking into it, Joe Satriani wrote a song called "Overdriver", but that was purely accidental.
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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby Mr. Henry » March 23rd, 2012, 1:11 pm

Music tends to affect my ability to work quickly more than influence the comic itself, ex. I can get a page done and inked faster if I find a song I can listen to for several hours straight. I have come up with two or more scenes based around a song, but they're always scenes from future events in the story...
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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby ZaraLT » April 3rd, 2012, 9:14 pm

I've heard some people hate the idea of individuals creating playlists for their comic from music intended for something else, thinking it egotistical, but I do this all the time out of passion. Some of the music that hits me hardest are pieces that I can relate back to my comic, probably because it's so close to my heart.

Music influences my comic heavily. If I'm doing a certain scene, I play appropriate music to fuel the mood or atmosphere. If I'm drawing a certain character, I'll put on their playlist to fuel my passion for drawing them. If I'm having trouble coming up with ideas or solutions to plot problems, etc., many times the answer will come from just putting on a piece of music, instrumental or otherwise.

Yes, music is one of the biggest inspirations for my comic. I wouldn't go without it. <3

Glad to hear so many other people have a passion for it too!
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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby SpiralPen » April 3rd, 2012, 11:33 pm

I don't think I can say "yes" hard enough to this question. Occasionally I find scenes can't even begin to formulate themselves without some form of musical inspiration.
Although working to music is a bit of a double-edged sword for me. If I have a good playlist or I'm adamant about picking the right songs quickly, I can keep myself secured in an awesome groove. HOWEVER, if I get too focused on the actual work and let the music die into silence for long enough I find that trying to get it playing again only distracts me.
I find lyrical songs tend to inspire broader strokes and character/story decisions while instrumental music more often than not helps me envision particular scenes.
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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby sulfurbunny » April 4th, 2012, 3:29 am

I completely depend on music to do anything. I'm a highly visual thinker, so music provides the soundtrack and emotional key for the little mental movies that play inside my head. I listen to a lot of soundtracks, and trailer music stuff via youtube -Two Steps from Hell, Brand X Music etc. If that's egotistical, guilty as charged heheh.
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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby Jops » April 4th, 2012, 3:41 am

sulfurbunny wrote:I completely depend on music to do anything. I'm a highly visual thinker, so music provides the soundtrack and emotional key for the little mental movies that play inside my head. I listen to a lot of soundtracks, and trailer music stuff via youtube -Two Steps from Hell, Brand X Music etc. If that's egotistical, guilty as charged heheh.

You're just like me!!!!

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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby Wulfmune » April 4th, 2012, 3:58 am

I can't listen to music when I'm scripting or when I'm thumbnailing. When I'm drawing the actual pages and inking, I enjoy listening to my same old playlist over and over again. sometimes I forget to put music on, or I'm sharing the room with someone, so it's not a huge deal for me. I really only miss it when I have to do the tedious work of grey tones in the computer. I need something with a driving beat to get me through it.
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Re: Does music influence your comic?

Postby AndToBeLoved » May 5th, 2012, 6:57 pm

Yes! My webcomic is actually directly inspired by Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes/Desaparecidos/The Mystic Valley Band/Monsters of Folk. It started out as sort of a sarcastic homage, but has now developed into something more than that.
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