Disappointing Reads

Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby Nikkinoodles » August 22nd, 2012, 6:55 am

xkrazydog wrote:I was also disappointed in every harry potter book after the fifth one.

I feel you on that one. I loved the first four books and started to get a bit iffy on the fifth, mostly because Harry went all emoy and angsty. I did like the part where he set up the DA though.
Spoiler! :
The books after that just get a bit... eurgh, they have so many flashbacks and so much talking and in reality not a lot really happens apart from Harry turning into a creepy stalker and falling in love with Ginny when he sees her with another bloke.
As for the seventh book? I'm still not completely sure how Harry was able to win. Don't get me started on the epilogue. I get a little squicked out when I think about it too much actually; you've got Harry, who's practically an exact copy of his dad, who falls in love with Ginny, who's freakishly similar to his mother- popular, pretty, good with spells. It just reeks of an Oedipus complex to me

I can tell I liked the first four better than the rest as I've reread most of those, many times over whilst I've only read the others only once, sometimes twice.
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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby phoenixgem » August 22nd, 2012, 7:51 am

xkrazydog wrote:I was also disappointed in every harry potter book after the fifth one.

Spoiler! :
Pretty much this, mainly because Harry just became a bitch to read about. The 6th book is Harry just going through the 5 stages of grief from Serius' death but because it was a constant bitchbitchbitch on his part I just stopped caring about him as a charcter. The stories are still brilliant but Harry just became too much of an angsty gary stu becuase no one decided to call him out on his bullshit. The half blood prince is probably one of the only books I prefer as a movie because you saw the character development in Draco who I like, because I find his issues alot more complex than Harry's, whereas in the book it was more focused on Harry and flashbacks.

Nikkinoodles wrote:
As for the seventh book? I'm still not completely sure how Harry was able to win.

Yeah, he really should have stayed dead when he was killed, I still don't get why he didn't.
I'm not completely sure how Snape managed to die, unless he just gave up then ok. But since he's the fucking potions master in a school of magic someone must have an antidote to that snake venom serioulsy.

I don't want to throw Twilight out here becuase it's an obvious choice but the last book really did dissapoint me. At the time when I read the books I was caught up in the fandom and did actually enjoy the books so I'm commenting with that mindset.
Spoiler! :
I didn't enjoy the last books ending at all. I mean everything past reseme- whatever the babies name is birth pissed me off because of lack of logic within the authors own world (don't even get me started on the pedophilla) but I could deal with that somewhat, what I hated was that they spend half of the book prepare for a giant battle that never happens. They got hundreds of vampires on one side and a treaty with werewolves and other vampires on the other, all that jazz and in the end they showed off their powers a bit (without doing any actually damage) called a time out, talked about it, went home and everything goes back to normal. I felt really cheated. I'm fine with the happy ever after ending, but you could have let the battle go long enough for a few minor charcters and maybe one major character to die let the happiness come as at least a bit of a cost here instead of brushing away all potenial conflict like it's not a good plot device.
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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby Princess_Eevee9 » August 22nd, 2012, 7:53 am

Falconer wrote:
Charil wrote:Mistborn.

:( :( :( :( :(

You wound me. I liked the Mistborn series. Admittedly, the end of the book was better than the beginning, and the other two books were better. I mostly read the first one for Kelsier, who was totally awesome. Vin got better in book 2. But I found the world interesting and the use of the powers a lot of fun. Once they really start getting into the battles, stuff gets really epic!

I think his writing in some of his other books were better than Mistborn, such as Warbreaker, which I read in a single night. I still think they were good though...

...Why does no one here like the books I do...? ;_;

Actually I have read Mistborn before and loved the storyline of it but I wish it did have more action scenes setting up and displaying her powers, I also think he toward the end the author rushed the story along a bit just to meet a deadline or something. But overall I enjoyed it.

Darn I was beaten to the punch by saying Twilight ;(. Hmm I've read so many books that I can't think of ones I absolutely hated... I do remember having to read The Wringler for a Reading class I took. Why would someone make a book about killing pigeons and just throw in some childhood growing up story? TO me twisting the heads off birds for sport kinda borders on Psychotic.
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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby AndToBeLoved » August 22nd, 2012, 6:46 pm

I'm reading a book right now that's kind of pissing me off...it's called "The Matchmaker of Perigort." The synopsis kept mentioning that it was like "Chocolat", and the review snippet on the front cover is actually by the author of "Chocolat." I was like, okay - this could be good. But I really wish that I hadn't read the synopsis or review - all I can think of is how the author is ripping off the story.

What's more, the author likes to think that she writes in a "quirky" way. She likes repetition. I understand the writing style, but it's getting on my last nerve. For instance she can't go one page without mentioning the main character's "leather supermarket sandals": "He crawled his toes into his leather supermarket sandals" or "Guillaume made his way down the street, leather supermarket sandals slapping the ground." Some scenes are nearly word-for-word identical to previous scenes. I understand that the author is trying to allude to the fact that the people of the village lead very predictable lives, but Christ - this book is nearly killing me. I hate to stop reading a book once I'm this far into it, so I'll keep at it. Thankfully, I'm nearing the end. The sad part is that it's gotten like 4/5 stars on Amazon. Psh.
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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby Alexis_Royce » September 12th, 2012, 1:16 pm

Do visual novels count? I haven't had to put down a book in a while, but Fate/Stay night was just DRAGGING. I love authors who meander. The whaling chapters in Moby Dick are some of the best, and Hugo's discussion of the word "gamin" and subsequent three chapters on the societal status of the poor are vital to Les Mis. But Fate/Stay night?

I'd rather an abridged version, thanks.

(But maybe it was just a bad translation. I don't know.)
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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby Guest » October 12th, 2012, 4:51 pm

Michael Crichton's Sphere. "We've gained the power to control reality, so let's use it to wish our power to control reality away."

If you ever get control over reality, try to remember there are people suffering stuff like this - Link

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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby Vitotamito » October 12th, 2012, 8:31 pm

Jeremy Ray wrote:Michael Crichton's Sphere. "We've gained the power to control reality, so let's use it to wish our power to control reality away."

If you ever get control over reality, try to remember there are people suffering stuff like this - Link

Find your center and learn how to use your powers.

I watched that movie. It was weeeeird. And kinda cool. But mostly weird. The end sucked though as you said.
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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby SpiralPen » October 12th, 2012, 8:54 pm

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

I swear to god, one of the most disappointing books of my life. :|
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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby Raspberl » October 12th, 2012, 10:00 pm

the second book of the Kingmaker Kingbreaker series by Karen Miller. The first book was good because despite being a generic fantasy; it had a lot of character development and I really enjoyed the world the author crafted... but the second book just got really lame and cliche and tried to become more actiony... and the author just failed hard.
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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby corruption » October 17th, 2012, 1:42 am

Vitotamito wrote:It was called, "Digger."

It was about a Vietnam Vet who dug tunnels under this town and then fought against a corrupt corporation using the tunnels as his ally.

It turned out to be really shitty.

Thanks for the heads up. I think I have that one around somewhere.

The_Hankerchief wrote:This actually happened to me a couple weeks back.

I was at the base commissary, shopping for another book to read (because I had just finished the 850 page novel and the novella I bought before that), when something caught my eye. It was the back cover of book that is part of a series called The Gunsmith, by J.R. Roberts.

I also facepalmed really hard when I found out there are over 320 novels in this series to date. Holy shit, the author's been able to crank out that many? A Stephen King, he is not.

Had some in that series. Can't remember if I ever reads them, but I think I got ride of them with a whole lot of other books.

What happens in these cases, like with the Executioner series is that they have a bunch of different writers. Some of them even work on different series at the same time. They know of any major plot changes to the series coming up and can make up any story they want as long as they follow a few simple rules, like no major plot changes to the series without permission from the higher ups.

Charil wrote:Mistborn.

Literally all that I read of it -- a fourth of the book -- is Vin being tutored on how to use her Mistborn powers. That... that's all that happened. Mistborn tutorials, and talking about the dynamics of the world. Lots and lots of talking.

And cliche everybody-hates-me angst, on Vin's part. Which is a major pet peeve of mine in writing, especially since the characters that cause her angst have literally no motivation, they just treat her like crap because the author wants to show how ~*~hard her life is~*~. It just comes off as contrived.

I know a lot of fantasy writers who come up with a cool idea for a story and just want to tell everyone about it, but a novel shouldn't read like an encyclopedia or a how-to guide. It just kind of seemed like the author was just bursting to tell everyone about this cool Mistborn idea he came up with and how it works, and then just tacked the plot on as an afterthought.

Spoiler! :
What actually struck me funny is, the whole time I was reading it I kept thinking how extremely similar it was to another friend of mine's story, only replacing the Mistborn stuff with another superpower she'd come up with. I happened to mention I was reading it once and, turns out, she's a big fan too. I do hope that her story has more of interest going for it than Mistborn did.

. . . I think I have that laying around as well.

It sounds to me like the author came up with an idea for a power and started looking too much into how it could work. Then they came up with a situation to use it in, as an after thought, and the characters are there merely to show off what was meant to be a good idea.

Also, warn your friend that just copying the work of another author is a very bad idea and can lead to legal trouble

What I hate are some books by my favorite authors. When you see a book by an author you like, you expect it to be good. However, sometimes they try their hands at different genre, and can really mess up big time. They can be used to writing in one style, but when they try another, they are out of their depths. However, if they are big name authors like Terry Prattchet, Anne McCaffrey, Piers Anthony, David Webber or other such people, they still get published without the same level of quality review newer authors get because they are sure sales. (Those four I mentioned are all guilty of this at different times).

Oh, and the Satanic Verses by Salmon Rushdie is very dry and boring towards the start, I have not worked my way far into it.
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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby avian-reader » October 17th, 2012, 4:15 am

Guhh, still haven't gotten around to reading any further into Unseen Academicals. I hope Terry does take Discworld to the grave with him, because his son really doesn't seem to match up at all. I'll be sad to see the both of them go, but still...
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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby rnbrucker » October 21st, 2012, 7:04 pm

Confessions of a Shopaholic. Yeah, I know.

One of my friends lent me the book and said "OH YOU GOTTA READ THIS, IT"S SO FUNNY!" and what I ended up discovering was that the protagonist was a severely delusional, actual addict with a serious problem, not "oh tee hee I'm totally addicted to shopping!"... so, that part wasn't disappointing. I was kind of pleasantly surprised by how it seemed to get more serious as the story went on.

Then the ending happened and I'm hoping that I just hallucinated the whole thing because it was so freaking awful. I wanted to throw the book at the wall, but I think it was like around 2 AM when I finished it, so...

Spoiler! :
What I remember happening is that the protagonist ended up completely screwing up on live TV, her life was a total mess, blahblahblah... and near the end, she ended up getting with the dude that she had feelings for, and it seemed like she was ready to turn her life around. I actually thought she'd seriously address her addiction and things would go great. You go, girl.

But then she turned the TV on the shopping channel, and... bought something. She just continued on buying crap that she didn't need and she learned nothing.

I was so. Angry. I ended up telling my friend that I didn't enjoy the book at all.

Am I remembering the ending correctly? Did that actually happen? Auuuuugh.
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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby UrbanMysticDee » October 21st, 2012, 10:21 pm

robybang wrote:Orson Scott Card's Empire. I had heard a lot of talk about the Ender series, hadn't heard about any of his political leanings until after I read the book, and the premise on the back of the book was interesting. It was about a civil war starting between liberals* and conservatives. Promising, it's just not carried out very well because the author is so invested in his own party that the book is less about condemning political extremism than condemning political extremism from the party the author doesn't like:

Spoiler! :
The main character is a conservative Iraq War veteran who every so often complains about the liberal media and the liberal college professors etc. He was supposed to come up with possible attack plans terrorists might use to stage another attack on the country so the government can defend against these attacks, which liberal spies find and sell to the terrorists so they can kill Borge Gush (who's totally not George Bush) and blame it on the protagonist. The republicans who declare martial law (which spurs the liberals to "liberate" the cities) are actually liberals pretending to be conservatives to make their invasion justified. And to top it all off, the liberals are all getting funding for their coup from Sorge Goros (who's totally not George Soros, the infamous liberal millionaire boogeyman). Oh, and the liberal armies all get mechs and hovercrafts, despite the fact that the US probably spends Soros' entire net worth hundreds of times over annually, but are still stuck with boring guns and tanks. The only good liberal is the main character's wife, who only exists to point out that not all liberals are evil and to give the illusion of balance. My beef here is not that he's criticizing liberals, but that the he promised to rake both sides over the coals in a work about political extremism, but lacks the objectivity to even consider that his side isn't the paragon of virtue and justice.

It's sad though, because there was stuff in it I really liked. The main character was of Bosnian heritage, and considering they actually did have a civil war at a politically unstable time in their history, would have brought more weight to the story especially if he had drawn more parallels between that conflict and the conflict of the story. There's a historian character that points out how a politically oriented war would be especially messy since political orientation doesn't fall on state lines like the American Civil War did, though it would have similar socioeconomic makeups (industrial vs. the agrarian/suburban). Finally, the twist that the historian was actually playing both sides against each other for his own political power was actually surprising. And if the rest of the work wasn't so blatantly biased, the twist could have further driven home why political extremism is bad. I think the lost potential is the most disappointing thing about this book.

*To make the spoilered rant more tolerable, take a drink every time you read the word "liberal."

If what you say is true I'm going to have to buy this book.
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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby easycomics » November 8th, 2012, 8:54 am

I just read my first "modern" book in the longest time over the summer since I have a habit to read older titles - "The Lovely Bones" - I felt there were a lot of plot holes and weak excuses for how certain things happened towards the end. But to each their own, I guess, right?

Spoiler! :
The main character was a 14 year old girl who was assaulted and killed by her creepy neighbor in the 1970's, and the story describes her watching over her family and friends as they cope and move on with their lives without her there. - Which was a really interesting premise and very depressing. It also showed how her killer hid his tracks, her father's obsession on trying to get the guy caught, and the detective who worked with them.

What really killed the book for me was when she decided to possess the girl who was hanging out with her first love so she could finally sleep with him from beyond the grave and he knew it was her. For freaking serious? It struck me as a lame excuse to have the scene. Then the killer ended up dying by an icicle falling on him years down the line after it was mentioned in the book earlier as being a "perfect crime." The ending I felt was lame.
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Re: Disappointing Reads

Postby mossi-mo » November 8th, 2012, 11:11 am

My first disappointment when I was 10, the Harry Potter series came to America and I was SO STOKED but then I just didn't like it, too fluffy for my tastes. Now that I'm older i realize that was a good move for the target audience. But... I haven't trusted popular opinions on books since. I was happy to hear that shit gets real in the later books though.

My biggest disappointment was Wraethu. The cover was SO PRETTY and it had a vague but interesting summary, so I got it and I have never felt so cheated in my life. I barely made it through a 10th of the book before I was downright angry at the shittiness of the book.

I'm going to take a risk and read 1Q84 soon though. It better not suck.
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