Review Request: Starquake

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Review Request: Starquake

Postby YunikoYokai » March 4th, 2018, 1:44 pm

Well, I've finished my first ever comic chapter, after about 8 years of trying to get a comic off the ground (better late than never, I suppose!). I think it's time to see where I stand now with the first chapter finished and the second already in drawing, plus I've finally gotten the comic's webpages sorted... well, 99.9% done anyway (goddam footer image...). There are some things I am expecting to come up, but you never know, I might be surprised (also horrified, there's that possibility too! XD). Just to mention that some of the middle pages are older than the starting pages since I redid quite a few of the starting ones. Thank you in advance!
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