Dino Guardian

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Dino Guardian

Postby Psychocrafter » February 8th, 2010, 2:44 am

Dino Guardian
I'm here to give out a small promotion here for my comic Dino Guardian. Because the comic is just starting to roll, I will not say any names or explain too many events. But what I will say is what the story is about. This story focuses on themes of genocide, constant hunting, the desperate attempt to stay alive, pain and finally hope. The story focuses on a hurting young man, who is one of the last survivors of a breed of warrior called Dino Guardians (beings who fight with dinosaur spirits that have been trapped within their bodies). He suffers greatly, as the world has grown to despise Dino Guardians, and thus he must endure a world where he is hated by all for the very thing he didn't choose to be. The danger is made worse as an evil organization hunts him day and night, as well as people from his past. Yet despite his hardships and the fact that there are many who want him dead, he finds there are those few who are kind and willing to help. Keeping himself hidden with those who care to help him, he learns to fully master his Dino Guardian powers to defend himself against this evil organization's constant attacks, and hope to one day find a life of peace and salvation.

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