Smack Jeeves builds your webcomic website FOR you
All you have to do is upload your comics, and your entire website structure and HTML is automatically generated by Smack Jeeves.
Complete design customization
Whether you simply want to choose from our pre-made design templates or incorporate your own website design, it's all possible with Smack Jeeves.
Community features
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Much more!
Smack Jeeves is packed with loads of great features, such as:
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  • RSS Feeds
  • Blog-style news posting
  • Smack Jeeves is constantly upgrading and improving
In addition to our free service, Smack Jeeves offers premium services to comic authors who want more out of their webcomic hosting:
Paid Subscription Benefits $59.00
per year
per year
No Advertising
Increased Upload Limits (per comic page):5mb2mb500kb
Access to <yourdomain>
Flash file (.swf) uploads
Featured Donator spot on
Zipped archive download
Use your own Custom Domain Name
For example, - you must already own the domain name or you must register a new one from a domain name registrar. Check Availability
Set up Email for up to 50 email addresses
For example:
Extra File Space
for layout images, css files, mp3s, etc.
You can upgrade to a subscription after you've created your webcomic.

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