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@Admin: Reply test
This comic looks awesome, but the text / page size is way too small to be able to read comfortably.
little typo - "you need [to get] laid"
Really loving the toning on this page. Nailed it.
Haven't seen a comic about inanimate objects this good since Fun With Two Cakes.
April 30th, 2017
@Tailslover13: Thanks for the heads up! I think everything should be fixed now.
March 24th, 2017
Supposed to be a page here?
This looks awesome, it's a shame the text is a bit hard to read. Do you have larger versions of the pages?
February 26th, 2017
> ring the bell again
> show blob jr the note
Ohhh, dogs :P
January 29th, 2017
> go through the door and bring blob jr with you
Haha, poor guy. I had my own battle with the stomach bug over the weekend - godspeed!
Following on what eishiya said, please remove/redo this page and your cover as they are works of plagiarism.
This comic has gotten so good over the years. I recently discovered that after you helped with Geometric Western, and now I'm a dedicated reader! Loving this variation of your layout, by the way.