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October 12th, 2017
Reminds me of the aliens from Commander Keen
October 10th, 2017
Beautiful cover. Looking forward to seeing this.
September 23rd, 2017
This looks awesome. Some of the text is a little harder to read, though. Do you have larger versions of the pages?
Ooh that you only meant well
@shadow13: Cool. I look forward to reading it.
Is this going to be a full-fledged comic? Or just a short homage?
September 4th, 2017
Or Norway ;P
@Falconer: Woah, same exact thing happened to my friend. Is it a Google phone? Contact them, he got a free replacement. In any case, contact the manufacturer.
Definitely getting better with the translation, nice work!
This comic is awesome so far. That being said, some of the dialogue could use some punctuation.
He wants a new graphics card? More like mid-life "Crysis" am I right?
@AmeliaP: Sure. On the first page, for example. "Nicollete needs money. More room will help with the business, she said. It's a little old restaurant under our protection. Is it worth?" Let me try to deconstruct this, because it's not immediately clear.

I take it from context clues that these two are family members in the mafia, and Nicollete, a restaurant owner, is one of their clients. So maybe it could read something like this: "Nicollete needs money. More leeway will help with the business, she said. It's a little old restaurant under our protection. What do you think?" or "Nicollete is asking for money. She says more leeway will help with the business. It's a little old restaurant under our protection. Think it's worth it?"

Next, "Give her the money is the best thing to do, Uncle Mario." could be "Give her the money. It's the best thing to do, Uncle Mario."

Later, "Nicollete never gets late with her tributes. She gave cover for our men more than twice and..." I'm not sure what "giving cover" actually means here, but the first sentence could read "Nicollete always pays up on time."
This is seriously awesome. The art and style is amazing and I'm already hooked into the story. The only downside is the English translation is a little rough at times. You might want to consider getting some help with that.
Oh God they're so cute
little typo - "you need [to get] laid"
Really loving the toning on this page. Nailed it.
Haven't seen a comic about inanimate objects this good since Fun With Two Cakes.
April 30th, 2017