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Nameless soldier
I use to Be E26 with comics such as
The Z transformation
Godmod isle
and Radite TH
Do you know anything about hackers? Can you jam with the console cowboys in cyberspace?
Anyone else noticed how the pikachu and the girl had the same expression?
That atticus is a pretty cool guy eh, Finds rare pokemon easily and doesn't afraid of anything.
Reminds me of the protagonist of mokepon
Looks like he's
*take off glasses*

Fired up
Nameless soldier
December 19th, 2010
Lol Omega Uses the word "Brawl"
Really? The Greatest? I think not-
*Receives stern look*
0_0 I... Think not... a greater RPG was made!
lol I just seen this on deviantart
The wierd thing is they said link had 1 more year to live... and he lived for six more
That's a fierce looking feralligator!!!!!
Robots cant get tired
This reminds me of that one part in brawl where you only had to walk to the end of the ship as peach