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I'm an Art Education major at some sort of liberal arts college. I'm an amateur comic artist and during the summer I waitress at a lovely little bistro in my teeny tiny hometown. I'd like to think my life is a musical, it's not unusual to find me singing random whatevers. I addicted to tea drinking and I'm slowly gaining my mother's amazing ability to bake tasty things. Mt favorite color is secretly pink (although I would never admit it), and I have two wonderful chihuahuas named Bruiser and Baxter (they are my little herp-a-da-derps).
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    Emily Nielsen
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Now in Purple!
I think I'm going to go back to drawing my comics purely in pencil. My inking skills are just a little choppy. :/

Eh. Oh well. >w<
Puts comic here
Ok I updated it! :D Now I need to run to class! I caught a Shedinja you guys!
Chicka? I hope you're all excited for the updates we have planned for you! We may have been busy this summer, but that didn't keep us from coming up with some good comics!
And we're back!
Hey all! Sorry I didn't update all summer. I planned on making comics on my days off, but I ended up sleeping instead. Heh. I do hope you understand.

Anyway, both Pi and I will be back to our updating schedule! I'll be posting updates for the rest of the week! So be read'y for some "What I did durring my summer vacation comics.
Ho Hum
So I got this waitressing jot at a truck stop with my sister Annie. They're really low on servers so we're both working over time there. :\ This will get better once we get more people hired.

On the other, I'm totally making bank. Within' four days I've already made $345.00 in tips alone. Which is so much better than my last job.

Also, if they start putting me on graveyard shift I can draw out more comics during work (Unless it's a Friday or Saturday). Eh, We'll see what happens.
Funny Story
So it's raining buckets over here. I was in the art education building trying to finish it when the power when out. So I decided "Alright, let's just head back to the Dorm and work on it there. I'll have a better light source." So I walked all the way across campus while it was just pouring outside . . . and my webcomic got a little wet. I couldn't just re-do it though. I needed to post something, besides it's still readable. Stay tuned for part two either tomorrow or Friday.

EDIT! I just now realized some major spelling errors. Heh. I'll try and fix them (somehow)
Thank you for updating! I promise I'll be updating soon. In fact next Thursday I'll post a special comic! (in color)
D'awwwwwwwww! Ah! It's good to get back into the swing of things. I would like to thank Stretch for covering us for a week (I didn't think he we post everyday though. Heh.)
Like I would actually hand a perfectly good comic over. Ha!
The Saga continues!
I didn't forget to post the comic. >> I just a remembered a little to late, that's all.
Oh hey . . .
I think both Stretch and I are putting more effort in each other's comics than we do our own. >>
Oh, erm.
It seems a Mr. Stretch Longfellow is taking over the comic. >>

(check out his original comic at )
Hooray you updated!! *huggles*
Oh mans!
Last week was a really sucky week for me. So to make up for no comic, I not only posted early, but it's also in color! I may even draw up a follow up comic to this one.
Oh hi der! Messy comic is messy, then again I've had a pretty rough week so far. This particular comic features our good friend Stretch who is the creator of the comic Spoofy Randomness.

So take a look at his stuff. :)
Hooray for Ireland adventures!!!! I can't wait to read more.
Oh my gosh! No way! It's obvious that great minds think alike.