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awww poor takke i feel bad for him
I think that would be a great idea i do continue with the comic
yea ur back i can understand being busy i love art is so cute i love it
i like the comic so far and art work is great
i actually feel bad for gray he can't help he is jelous poor him
yeah i think it would be fun wear waffle hat one day i wore a burger king cown home from school this whole van of guy laught at me but was so much fun and still have cown
he probably do something when she get home i love comic keep it up
i am kind of like that am toally tomboy and like ur art work is good i like it
yea now have your comic on smack jeeve before u had it on toyopp[
wow the page is great can't wait until ur next up date =) ?0
i think kind of look depressed in away about her ex being there i could be wrong sorry everybody i can't spell so yhall know
this comic is great i'm going to fav it