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I am a total sucker for cliche love stories as well as writing them so that's what my mangas are usually about.
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Sorry for the late upload!
@pushingthehabit: Thanks so much for your response! I love to hear what an audience has to say :) and I'm glad you are liking the story so far! I think the reason I update everyday is to keep the reader hooked, but I know that some comics can get away with updating every so often… I would like to take time on the pages but then I'm like noo that'll take too long DX so I guess I'm just wishy washy lol
Can you tell the difference between Mio and Machi? and Touya and Natsumi? Check out the character page to learn all about them! :)
Feedback Anyone?
Hey all :) so now that it's chapter 4, I just wanted to see if I could get some feedback out of you on how you're liking the comic, is it too slow, too fast? Do you understand it okay, does anyone have any suggestions to my storyline that that they would like to see? As well as the actual art, is it too sketchy it turns you away from reading, or is it okay? Would you rather me spend some time to make them look good and update maybe once/twice a week instead of everyday? Let me know! I would really love to hear from you all! Enjoy chapter 4 :)
Lol sorry about the inconsistency of the look of each page...
Really Sketchy
Aha, don't mind this page, for some reason I just really didn't feel like drawing this page so I just made it quick (finally).
Sorry for the late and sketchy comic page. I've been working on a school project for the past couple weekends, but I just wanted my (few but very special to me) readers to know that I haven't stopped my manga or anything, I just have something more important going on until the 17th, then my time should be free :)
Out for a week!
I'll be gone for about a week and so that is why a page will take longer to be posted after this! Please bare with me :)
Sketching is a lot faster than what I was doing and I really want to get the story going because I have so many ideas I want to incorporate, so forgive me on the sketching!
Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've just been so busy!
I don't think I like this page that much because I feel like I rushed it, but I needed to get the story moving...
Ooh I wanna color it! This is so cute lol, and the lines you made up for them is funny XD
I'm inn love with this comic XD and like everyone else is saying it kinda reminds me of Vampire Knight but I'm sure you've got a whole different plot, u haven't watched it,no? Lol do your comic before you watch it(if you plan to) that way you don't have to worry about trying to or not to use ideas from the anime, but ti's just a suggestion lol..anywho I LOOOVE this comic <3
February 12th, 2011
lol this chapter when chloe and June hang out and text the person chloe likes is soooo me and my bestfriend XD i think you got the point of reality down really good haha
February 8th, 2011
sooo... third time reading this lol whered you go!