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One Among The Fence
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I've been reading her voice as more of a shrill screeching rage rather than "pretty"
George returns! Hahaha!
who is it?
I totally support the use of Neko as a voting incentive.
I enjoy Settlers of Catan! I've played it only three times, but last game I was one point away from winning (it didn't matter cuz the guy after me was gonna win no matter what I did).
If you like to listen to music whilst reading your comics, I would suggest my personal favorite song, Moneytalks by AC/DC

Love Neko's comment, really sums up the whole concept of, well, everything.
Ughghhhh ... another one falls ill of the brony virus.....
Just saying IMO I didn't mind this arc at all, and the two sides seem to be getting closer to joining together, either to end the arc and begin a new one or continue, like a post arc or somethin...
Musta been one hell of a punch to get Atty's eye to black up like that in one pannel!
Btw H0ly, bout those straight lines you were talkin bout the other time, I like straight-edges/rules, but my drawing teacher will not let us use them in free-hand drawing. So you being able to make a straight line on your own, I admire that, it's something I don't do very well.
Extra update!!!!?!!?! Yay!!!
Also love DT
H0ly, why y u no use ruler?!? :(
A friend of mine started his own non-profit organization, Hope 4 Africa, whose purpose is to bring education to the children in Kenya, Africa. I'm sure he would greatly appreciate a small donation, since you're willing. :)
@luhlikun: African or European?
What's the air speed velocity of an unlaiden swallow?
Since you answered what your (middle) name is, What is your quest? (follow-up question) What is your favorite colour?
Happy Birthday H0ly!!! Yay birthday drinks :D
lol keno get the butterfly!
Gar I think you have two #906 you may want to get that looked at....
Maybe she's happy there's no more annoying bugs? Oh, no wait that's everyone else, excluding the bug catcher(s)