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Nothing to much to say about me.
I live on Brazil, I love do comics, and I hate math...
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*stare at the joy ribbon*


*stop staring at the joy ribbon*

Nice comic! Hope you get rid of that spyware.

*stare at the joy ribbon again*
Oh noes! It's... Knuckle Joe...
This looks interesting! Fav'd! ^^
Thanks guys! ^^

I've got Super Mario Galaxy today, but still didn't played it yet (school's killing me). I'm going to try it later.
I'm looking for Brawl prices, and futurely I see if I can get Twilight Princess, Mario Kart and also get internet for my wii.
Shadow just don't like to be compared with Sonic
So, yeah. Today's my birthday, and I'm now 15.
I made this comic to celebrate. I don't know if it was funny, but I liked.

And, I finally got my Wii! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ^^
I never had played with nothing like that! It's so awesome! Now, I just need a few games...

By the way, the background that I used in this comic was one that I made long ago for a project that I was planning. I felt like using it. Also, I decided to use this comic to show my Sonic-ish sprites that I've been doing... I'm still working on it. I think it looks nice.
And now... See ya!
Who's that Pokémon? It's Gardevoir? Probably yes... ^^
Lol, 2nd and last pannels were awesome!
Good job!
Yeah! And cool raining effect!
Cool! Can't wait to see more!
Oh my god! She killed the king! Kamek, you bastard!
I liked those effects. Keep the good work!
Yay! Evolution!
Also liked that evolution effect! Nice job!
Can't wait to see more! Keep the good work.
Lol, Peach is so angry...
(No wonder he put her there) XD
Nice comic.
Ohmigosh! Buzz Buzz is a human in bee clothes! O.o
Cool! He certainly remebers Spanish bee man from the Simpsons. Nice comic!
Yay! You're back!
This looks like an interesting comic!
I'll keep my eye on it! Fav'd! ^^
Nice job! Really liked the BG and the drawings too! Keep the good work.
Yeah, maybe I should.


08/08/08 =)
Freetime + Pivot + Imagination ( ) = Animation made with Pivot

Some colors didn't worked as I wanted, but anyway, liked it. Enjoy!
Awesome! The Fellowship of Nintendo is back! ^^
O _ o
So... Wigglytuff sometimes scares me...
Nice comic!
Awesome comic! Can't wait to see more...
The suspence is also killing me!
ACK! The suspence! It hurts!
Not dead yet...
[NOTE: Yes, I know I saved this comic in JPEG. I know JPEG sucks. I know we shouldn't save comics in JPEG. I KNOW! But I had no choice. When I saved it in PNG, it exceed the limit of 500 kilobytes that Smack Jeeves have. And I so wanted to post this comic and I spend a lot of time making it... So, I had to save it this way... TT-TT]

Oh my gosh! I updated! O . o
Sometime ago I wanted to do a comic using Paper Mario sprites and some pictures I found at Google as backgrounds, but I never made that before... Till' now.
Then, I had this idea and done, I made it, and I liked the way it turned out.

So, WalMart is evil... I don't need to be american to know that!

Oh, and if I have any american reader, happy 4th of july! Enjoy!