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While I will admit this season probably had one of my least favourite winners I have to admit I love most of the cast this time around. Overall not my favourite season but it wasn't horrible. Can't wait for the next season! Thanks for the comic as always SWSU!
@Gigas: Ah see I havn't look at the comments. Guess I Should change that to 'I' don't know who the winner is huh ;)

I'm fine with not knowing who it is. Makes it better when the time comes.
Nice to see an ending where we don't know who the winner is. Not gonna cheer for either Heinz or Mel but best of luck to both. Cheers to the conclusion of a unique cast!
Come on Matt... Win this season... You're like the only one who actually fought to stay alive.
Huh just pick up on your comic. Very touching scene. As a dog lover this comic is quite moving.
As a bug trainer in my pokemon games... This is rather depressing. God damn fire types...
I was sure it was going to be Freddie! Damn it all!

Apart from that glad to see Heinz back into the game :)
Man that bunny knows how to enjoy himself. Gotta love Xero <3

No not Xero. How could you SWSU :(
Oh if there is an outcast twist I do hope Jackie comes back :3
Matt should learn to listen to Xero and the half a dozen amount of paper warning. Murphy's Law is always intact.
SWSU takes control and stop the useless pointless argument :3

I thought everyone knew by now. Ignore gejo and froggy. Unless you want to go on in a endless argument.
Alice- 5, Okay but nothing special
Emilee- 3, Who?
Freddie- 4, Memorable somewhat but brought nothing to teh table
Geena- 5, Okay but nothing special either
Heinz- 7, He was a likable hero but nothing special
Iraenus- 8, Overall I just love his habit to piss everyone off :P
Jackie- 10, Best character of this season. Congrats on really proving me wrong SWSU
Johnny- 2, He's repetitive and annoying.
Kiara- 8, Becoming a more and more likable hero
Malik- 7, He's memorable and I felt bad for him lately
Matt- 2, He's repetitive and boring and fails at being a villain.
Melanie- 6, She's not an outstanding villain and is rather bleh. Her cold attitude almost seems robotic.
Oehda- 6, She WAS amusing but now the act is getting old. No development
Penny- 1, I had to think to remember her. Obviously not important
Shaniqua- 1, Boring, annoying and so glad she was out first
Xero- 10, Just cause Xero will need it :3

Overall the cast is pretty meh... Some of the good characters are already gone and whoever left is pretty bleh... Character development must happen soon! Also I miss the joke today. Why is it funny?

Edit: Oh wait board game! Too bad I miss the joke :S
Woooo Pink! Was there ever a pink tribe before? It's an amazing color after all!
I want Jackie or Kiara to stay but it looks like it's going to be one or the other :'(
I laugh at how the audience is freaking out over a half-naked guy. It it was a girl everyone would of been cheering. Sexist commenter lol.
I feel like this could be Kiara boot episode. I just predict a whole flip Kiara on our side then back stab her out and keep Jackie instead cause he's stronger.
Jackie... I fucking love you now.
Alice boot is my expectation. It's past midnight so... That what I'm going for.