Real Name: Carla Rice
Age: 25
Gender: Female

About Me

Hii~I'm Zedela-chan...well this is my cosplay name anyway, My real name is Carla. I'm like a total Wonderland freak. I love anime in any shape or form,especially Mahou shoujo~^_^ I love Illustrating ever since I was little, I have mainly always been inspired by Disney and Don Bluth's magic, not to mention retro style manga. I'm obsessed with collecting anime-related merchandise and most of all helping others. ^_^

Comics coming soon! :3

Recent Comments

Comment on 13-Filler: Teaser Illustration of Sakura DAY
Zedela, 20 Dec 2015 10:14 am
May I just say..
Such beautiful work this comic and art is! Your characters are so vibrant and fun to read about! I shall be sure to keep posted on updates! :3 Merry Christmas & a happy new year! :D
Comment on 2-27 of Wonder Theatre
Zedela, 15 Dec 2015 03:30 pm
@Madeline: Yays hehe! Thank you so much Madeline! Another update will happen soon! :3
Comment on 2-25 of Wonder Theatre
Zedela, 11 Dec 2015 04:05 pm
@Madeline: Yay hehe thank you so much! Shall update soon! :3
Comment on 1-00 of Wonder Theatre
Zedela, 11 Dec 2015 10:41 am
@ Madeline
@Madeline: Hii Madeline!! So happy to hear from you! Daw thank you so much!! *so happy* :D X33 Ack! I miss inkblazers so much! T.T Ah well, Hope you've been okies! :3
Comment on 8 of 1 v All
Zedela, 05 Oct 2015 04:59 pm
Amazing art style and very interesting story plot! Keep it going! :D
Comment on For my Wonderful Grandma.. of Wonder Theatre
Zedela, 08 Dec 2013 02:38 am
I love you Grandma xxxxx
Comment on Do You Want a Reboot? of Misdirection
Zedela, 15 Jan 2013 10:50 am
Yes!! :D
I'm with everybody here! I've just finished reading and love it! :> I think your art looks great as it is here and I'm sure everyone is happy as long as it tells the story, but if you feel it's best for an update then I say let the reboot carry on! ^^
Comment on Happy Holidays 2012 of Fishbones
Zedela, 02 Jan 2013 01:23 am
This is a brilliant comic you've done so far!! I love how you portray your characters (especially Ferris X3). I can't wait for then next update, keep up the epic work! ^^

P.s Happy new year!! :D
Comment on 26 of Catnip!
Zedela, 18 Dec 2012 07:36 pm
This is getting really exciting!! X33 May I just say I love your artwork and your characters, they have so much feeling! X3
Comment on Fraud's Day Out Page 38 of A Loonatic's Tale
Zedela, 01 Aug 2012 10:10 pm
OOh! this is so getting good XD I really love your style! keep up the great work! :DD

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