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What can I say, I'm new to this whole comic-thing. We'll see how it goes!
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Holy hell, old lady nurse! I completely forgot about her!

Her face is perfect xD
YAY, I'm glad you guys can see them! They really shrunk when I uploaded this >.<
Duurrrrrr I'm so bad at bad captions!

Also, I almost forgot how to draw Ms. Kelley. Whoops!
Gaiz......what the heck is ship?

Hahahaa poor dude!!!

You can certainly speak for me here! I second that! 8D
Ohohohoh LOVE IT!!! I see where this is going! You did an awesome job with the interactions between the two :D
Bahaha DAT face. xD
Aww man, in for some srs bizz here!!

PS. YAYYY new pages!!!! ^w^
Haha yayy for unsuspecting psycho-nurse! Glad you guys like it, I was afraid I'd mess up other people's ideas though >.>
Commissions for Japan!
Ok guys, I've decided to do some $10 commissions that will go towards donations to the Japanese Red Cross. I will be donating 100% of the proceeds from all the commissions! More details here:
Ok sooo I think I might try making my pages bigger next time. These are too tiny, and I just noticed you can make pages up to 2000x10000. ^^;
A telephone appears!
Sorry it took me so long to get another page up ^^; Using 1920s slang was pretty cool xD Hope you guys like!
I've drawn up a few things pertaining to everyone leaving the room etc...but I've been so busy lately (school work and moving) that I haven't inked/shaded it yet :<

Holy. Crap. I need to start a collection of reaction faces xD This is grand.
Same same, not to mention the spring semester just started. Yay?

Also, I just realized my character might possibly have the hots for him since she likes weak sickly men xD. Though the fact that he drugs himself up (instead of her doing it to him) might make her mad >.>
D'aww what a hobo! x3
Her face will soon become a puddle on the keyboard. x3
Really? I thought everyone was meeting up in the security office place O.o Ah well.