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here because of Neko the Kitty
maybe i will put more maybe i won't
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I should have expected the ending... but really thought they might have a real father son moment... oh well. Loved it anyways.
you should totally make Neko Playing cards! Or... Tarot cards? I dunno the cute bonus picture just reminds me of that!
I have to ask... how does her earrings work? I find them a little confusing.... they match her hair? or is it her hair?

great page! love the coloring!! its awesome ^_^
Great page! haha yes Death face in the last pannel is great! ^_^
* Squeals* a bonus update??? yay! haha

Love Murphy in the third pannel! hahah looks very macho
No Star ship!!! NOOOOO. Gar now everything is dirty... *pouts* Where is the innocence! haha this is a great page though. I do hope you make it to print <3
Oh my gosh! Gar! what the heck!

I really like Keno's face in the second last Pannel! then of course Murphy's in the last one... but I am sick and twisted like that.
Feels like i haven't been on here forever. <3 haha very cute
we should have a contest for being in the background or something! <3 or just cause you love us!
I love Whitespace Neko! always will! I rarely miss updates so I always have to vote to see him but that really doesn't matter much to me. And you kind of have to read him with the comic other wise it doesn't always make sense.

Also love how you always write back to us on here or on your FB page. ^_^ I really do love Neko and look forward to it all the time when I get home. And I am about due for a complete re read but that comes in time. Don't ever let negative nellys bring you down ^_^ your art old and new and both great and equally as cute!
Hahaha I already got any of my Facebook friends that would read to read XD but I will keep trying! for Neko! And for future print version of the comic <3 *hint hint*
Awe I want this flashed :p flashy cat dance for all to enjoy!!! <3 ^_^
Thanks for taking the time to hang with us Gar and Paige! Don't go away anytime soon!
Do i have funny settings or something? my layout always goes between the adds and is wonky...
Cute page still <3
Bahhahaha awesome!!<3
I don't like change :( hahahaha its okay yes a little glitchy.

is there a way I can get the Neko background? I wants it for my lappy <3
Love Nekos face in the second panel hahaha made me giggle like crazy! <3 (i'm not though I swear)
I made a 'poing' noise in my head when Keno jumped
Oh Bummy
Oh Netflix I have started watching Buffy the Vampire slayer haha oh the teenage drama. But I do love the make up in the show. Vampires should be ugly!

I think I would still see Malcolms dad... just like I always saw Ross (friends) in the "band of Brothers" it just wouldn't get out of my head...

Also the comic is just. ^_^ And def would love to have that lamp!
I love this one!!! frick its so cute!!! hahaha and the animation makes it ten times better!
Hahaha oh Gar your ever so fancy! ^_^ all the neko poses are cute though!
Always time for an Advencha! <3
short or long I enjoy this comic anyways.
you have white space powers and you choose to be naked? haha it that revenge for the boobie horse? hahahaha

also Paige you look adorable in the warrior out fit, you should do that up! haha