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EEK! Productions
Hello everyone! I am EEK, at your service!
I like to draw, sing, write, play instruments(violin, piano, guitar), and I also like to fold origami...
My hobbies are Drawing and Singing and Playing Pokemon lol
I am a college student at Kent State University...if i feel like posting a real description, it'll be done...Im a rather LAZY person.....
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    Emily Krueger
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Art Block
I'm sorry everyone... I had an interval of Art Block, but I'm starting to slowly get it back. Here's page 4 for the comic; I've had it sketched out for a long time. Page 5 should be coming within a week or so... hopefully...
Man, I'm such a loser....
I swear, I'm not dead. Here's a filler to prove it. I have a page done, I just lack motivation to get the grey-ness on it...
It's Here!!
Finally! Page 3 of Chapter 1 is finally here, the end of Emily's introduction. =w=; Sorry everyone, I've been working, and been very tired from it. But now, I'm adjusting better, and not so tired anymore. I SHOULD be getting a move along with the comic. I need to start drawing pages while I'm on break during work.... Well, I'm on to page 4, the start for Heather's introduction. 8D
*tries to click the next button* DDDD:

I love your comic. I can relate to Ebony :(
DDDDDD: x_x *dies*
I swear I'm the worst Webcomic artist on Smackjeeves. I don't keep promises of updates DX
I'm sorry everyone, I've been busy from work, and end up exhausted by the end of the day to the point where I just want to go to bed and fall asleep. Yes, a job as a face-painter, Henna tattoo artist and hair-wrapper can be that tiring.

But I can promise on thing, that the next time I update, it will be at least 5 or so pages. Maybe more. I owe that to you guys. XP
Awww DDD: Timmy's sad face DD:
nooooo!! WHERE'S THE 'NEXT' BUTTON!?!?!?
Page 2!
Woooo! I got the second page of the chapter up 8D
I kinda wish I had more fans.... OTL *sulks in corner, twirling finger in dirt* But I still appreciate those that I do have!!
Anyways, this is just the first character's intro. Bear with me.
Feel free to also check out my deviant art page:
Page 1!
Well, here's page one of the first chapter ^^
I'm going to aim for Wednesday to be my next posting, but i can't promise it. It's the week before finals week so I have to do a lot...
I need new gray scale prismacolor markers...perhaps then the pages would be neater...

Naw, just kidding. But really, sorry for the delay.... Slacking off again =_=;
The prologue is FINISHED! Woooo!!! Onto the first chapter!! :D Heather would be proud of me ^o^
Thank you for reading! Please become a fan of this comic ^o^ It would make me feel so much better about this comic, and push me to do more :D.. I need encouragement ^^;
But I really do look forward to drawing this comic. The fight scenes will be hard, especially with all of what will be going on for them o3o Please be patient when it comes to those scenes, I would need to take more time on them, perhaps.
I also might think about having set dates for pages to come out... whether it might be 3 times a week, or just once a week. I don't know, it's just a thought. :) Anyways, enjoy! And feel free to follow my deviantart page!:
Almost there!
I'm almost at the end of the Prologue! Woo!!! *streamers and confetti* Sorry for such a long wait. But we only have 1(?) more page to go! (I don't feel like pulling out my folder that has everything already drawn...) Then we're on to the start of the story! XD *dances* Feel free to post comments below! You could even follow me on Deviant Art if you want:
I look forward to drawing the comic for all of you. Perhaps if get enough fans, I might do something special for everyone ^o^
Yay Genius Bar!
So I went to the Genius bar at an Apple store and told them my problem, so they gave me a new charger, without a penny out of my pocket! That makes me happy >w<
So expect a new page within a couple minutes, since I had the two already scanned onto the computer before this problem had occurred.
Meet Pyro
This is the Zhanshi of Fire, Pyro, in semi-formal wear. Since I can't get the pages I've drawn up yet, I'll give you fillers of pictures I've whipped up before I started the story...too bad the background of this one with really bad.

Feel free to leave comments and adding this comic to your +fav!
So, after 5 months of having my laptop, I start having problems with the charger: it won't charge the computer. With this, posting pages is a problem, and gonna be rather hard to do. I'm going to do the best I can to try to get a new one. 'Til then, I'll be on the school's computers. I have two pages sent to my email, so the 4th page of the prologue is up, and the 5th one is still in the email. I won't be able to touch them up like the other ones because these computers suck.
While my computer is down, I'll take the opportunity to draw more pages. I'm already done with the prologue outlines, and now I'm on to the story.
Sorry for the inconvenience. >_<
Crappy page
Continuation of the prologue...

Edit** Whoops..... lang = LAND
Okays! I shall start thinking of the next page >w<
Well that took longer than expected
Sorry that this page took so long... I can only really say that I've had a brain block.... and the case of the lazys >.<
But my friend Heather's gonna hurt/kill me if I don't keep going ._. I've failed to do so many comics for her and others XP FAIL OTL
BUT I have it up, so I'm safe for now =w= next page...
I don't know if I should keep going with the GIMP editing. Leave comments and let me know!
Page 2!
So here's page two of the prologue! I'm trying to work with GIMP to make the picture a little more interesting. Perhaps I'll experiment with screentones and such, and maybe one day when I get a tablet, I'll outline this one the computer! :O
Anyways, I'm happy that I have the support of friends on facebook for this comic, and the 2 fans on here :) I look forward to continuing for everyone. Enjoy!