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so I've moved hurr
This account is for collabs that seem to never want to move or i have no ideas for atm
  • Real Name will never find out!..wahahahahha!
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lol Hen-Hen learned a valuable lesson D:
nickels: for reals )8>....
yes *rolls with you* he looks cute in a fluffy apron! IT IS MANLY!

Isu:..she put him in a speedo!! teehee~
lol i like her too..)8...*makes her dress like that from time to time to be a annoyance. hurrr oh you *pets*
and Bohai is in some gothic punk outfit with makeup on...he is planning to kill DJ...)8>
pfftt it was your idea!
I wanna hug him now...;A;
and yes i put her in a little mermaid outfit ;A:...make her sing under the sea!
DJ is a hooker man )8> ewwww.......
and i think she got fired again~ OuO
part 1 Dx....
I hope everyone knows once i get some really good free time i plan to revise all the sketchy comics i have done on here XD
*knocked out and sleeps for 11 years*
There are?! >w<
daw he is adorable, i wish i got as much sleep as Lei does D:
pfftt he has a crush on a psycho <3
MZd: pfftt i see you using the nickname har'! *high fives*

D: he probably fires her everyday and rehires her everymorning )8>

Mad:Why thank you~ XD
cuz'..if you are im sorry ;A;...
lol i failed so bad...good thing these are super sloppy sketches yayayayayaaaayyyyyy!!! *parties*
I swear..imma start drawing other people now DX
ROFL!!!....i love this XD <3
Mad: lucky we never get thick snow here in the south. ;A:
pfft thank you~ though i think im abusing these two now DX

Natsuki: djafkhkjhg when i lived there it was still hot enough to wear shorts int eh winter D:
Thank you!
pffttt...too much of these two sorry
...I do swear I have drawn more than just these two communicating together..It is just, I thought this up from something that has happened where I live.
You see we keep getting snow chances here, and that makes me excited and I was running around the house yelling "SNOW!!!" ....not really relating to the picture...but I got the idea based off how i was acting...seemed like a DJ moment )8>
Yukitto: thank you!

ammychild: ...I donno ;A:....I ate it

HAru: pfft, why thank you wifey! I get what you are saying! <3
aww thanks ;A:..*gigglesnort* <3
...I wanna go to the new sushi that just opened D:...

Gosh, David blushes a lot more now a days XD I find that adorable!
Mad: YAY! DJ gave it to him in hopes it would lighten him up a bit.........didn't seem to work XD
Thank you!!!! lol out of his hair...Daw if he is more carefree, then who will yell at people for minor mis-conduct D:...and sign papers, and put DJ in the time-out corner?!
Daw thanks! These ones are just really lazy chibis though...I didn't wanna draw detailed my other chibi work DX
Isu:..Oh pfftt It i ok..D: your comment just got me wondering Xd and then i got this yeah D:
Lol..GO Hen-DJ Twin powers activate!!...Together they keep a Hotel from falling apart...and by together I mean just Hen-Hen.
The comment Isu gave me on the previous post got me thinking.....just how would these two act? Since they are both high authority....and yet are complete opposites. Not to mention DJ is crazy beyond a reason of a doubt and thinks she is still 12......
I MESSED UP HEN-HEN!! DX..i need to practice drawing him more....I have more doodles....but I dont wanna show them yet...since i have a slight possibility of getting motivated to ink them...I hope this is ok to do )8>, what not posting a random pic and all

Edit: I got rid of Hen-Hen's detailed picture cuz' it really looked sloppy and not at all how I draw )8<....mostly cuz' I have a better picture of him sitting in my lap..and im about ot pass out..night
Thank you Isu!
aww thank you D:...I kinda rushed him though.
ANd With Henry....I have no idea...he did hire her...and I'm guessing he knows how she acts...but I could see where her telling him what to do would annoy him as well D:
MZD: IT's a Kodak moment!!!

Haru: D:...I got an idea and doodled something before i forgot it or got lazy XD.
NOOOOO!!!!! skills make people procrastinate, you do not want that.
THANK looks like a chubby kid in the last panel i love it )8>

Mad:..rofl thank you!! XD
Yeah! She cool like that~