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Ellos. I'm a lover of manga and anime. I love to write, read, draw, and sing. My past times are surfing the web watching TV namely sci-fi movies and series. (Mostly cartoons and anime).
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Awesome story so far. Lovin' it! First post 4TW! Suz looks like...a freaky lollipop-happy drone. kinda creeps me out...XD
...Just sayin'...
A Random Life...
Life... who here wants life to invade their house? I for one would really hate to see it happen. And life comes in many forms...
All Fixed!
The mistake of panels are rearranged! Now smooth reading from here on out! ...Unless I make the mistake again...

lol DBZ fan here...just sayian...
Just in case you didn't figure it out...
An LED Win-Screen in the manga. Is a screen used to look at various scenery with out having to move to a new place just to get a great view.

Oh and...its a voice activated lighting she says "lights" and they come on. Simple enough...
Here I Go...
I've been dying to finally get something up on Smack Jeeves! I hope I could some day get an Inker! Some one who can digitally ink my work, So I would just draw and color. Having a job and all it would work a little smoother for me. I can draw and color rather fast. But the inking process is a killer...not to mention I'm not good at it.
its like the perfect place to bring in a super boucey ball. Launch that sucker and watch it fly in rapid action. Nice effect. I love the awesome coloring skills!
December 18th, 2010
Its about to get funky! wouldn't be suprised for a quick matrix moment. She needs guns. Lots of guns...
I like the "breed of handsome" line too. lol
feel like i'm in one of those rave music playing night clubs...nice touch. But the music's too loud and i can't hear anyone talking. What did she say? XD
snow snow I love it so~

your art is really good. I envy you! lol
December 12th, 2010
"it was a moment of weakness!!" sounds like a sponge bob line XD
December 12th, 2010
this is an awesome story! I still wish I had that t-shirt...i can't seem to find it after seeing it only once...
Yes I shall join in the laughter! BWAAAHH HAHA AHHHH! I loved that second panel lol
yes quite. Adorablez~
December 11th, 2010
Awesome on the close up. He looks kinda cute~
lol so wrong..
"Ow." surves him right...
lol thats gotta hurt...