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Adrian Ravenhart
likes-drawing manga,reading,anime,v games,toys, sci-fi,moe,cosplay n ZOMBIES
fav mangaka-takeshi obata,tite kubo,kawashita mizuki

DOB-16 jan 1993
  • Real Name
    Adrian Ravenhart
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gee thanks ;;v;; u rlly made my day,..
i'll upload next chap ASAP..
statin rom this chapter,there will be slight changes, i used paint tool to color the grey areas and i ink the hairs accoding to kawashita mizuki's style.. which is really tough..
@pompon-chan: thank you very much.. i kinda thought traditional style manga wont stand long in SJ.. well i'll upload it right away^^
thanks.:D i hope i could still improve my art though.. well goodluck to u.^^ my art is mostly inspired by takeshi obata n miyuki kawashita
i know..head looks small..=w="
@KevinTUT: thanks man. yea,i just came into smack jeeves when i posted i dunno how to make all things flow well. nah, compared to the rest of the comics in SJ, i'm still so far behind..=w="
oh,that was me >w0
thank you very much ^^ okay,once im back i'll draw like the flash >w< that is.. if im still alive..
thanks ^w^
act2 of PH will be delayed for sometime since i have to attend some stupid motivational training camp for over 2months..TTuTT
haha..XD do u think xan-chan would be better off being a boy..=_=
thanks. weird in what waaay~??!!
man~ ur cover is sooo attractive!>0< i'll definitely but it if its published in my country..=w=
oh,please..lookin at this back..i didnt made the right size.and didnot cleanup some of the dirt..T^T..anyway thanks man..
thanks!i'm currently working on my next one,this one doesn't have action or fantasy.just a slice of life..>w< i'm not used to it but i'll try my best..
oops..eishiya!my bad..=w="
ok,thanks for the link!!well i do read seinen too.american comics are hard to findhere in my country..=_= (j..josei?!isnt that for adult females..)
this is already pretty good!! *w*
alright,thanks for showing my mistakes..^^ a proofreader..?yea..wish i had him/her..maybe i'll ask a friend..=w= okay,i'll try to improve the bubles. gotta do more research on manga>o< thanks elisha.
pinali,well it was thanks to you!^^ and thanks,i'll do better in the future..^^
looks like i've finally completed this one shot manga!took me around 5months to finish this..=w= hope u guys will be satisfied with the ending.i actually did someminor changes lst minute on the ending..XP anyway,TQ for reading!