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Look who's back. I have some news!

Within the past year, Alex...
- has known the joys and pains of love
- has pissed off her parents beyond words
- has improved her style and overall good factor xD
- had been accepted to a college (Art Center College of Design, baby!)
- has COMPLETELY REWRITTEN ROCOCO ETERNAL. Sorry. But it's better now~
- has gotten piercings and kept her hair boy short (soon to be dyed awesomely, might I add)
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Sorry for the lack of update this week. ]: I'm afraid I'll be gone until the 27th or 28th as I'll be working in a T shirt booth at Comic Con. Expect an update around then.
And if any of you are going to Comic Con, let me know! Maybe you can drop by and say Hi~

edit edit:
AGH! I fail at comic authoring. So I came back from Comic Con and drew comic pages as planned. Then I realized I lost my most essential inking pen (.3... my favorite!) and my .1 and .5s were running out of ink. ]: SO, I thought, I'll just photoshop the pages I have inked... when my scanner started malfunctioning. O____O Its driving me CRAZY. And there's nothing I can do about it until I get my new computer/scanner/art supplies during the first week of September. T___T Very sorry for the delay. Its frustrating.
Well its really HER bag, he just carried it for her up to this point. Damn, I didn't make it clear that he took it off. :/

Lol James will live on in flashbacks until his return! Worry not, he won't be forgotten.
This page came out rather well~ You have no idea how long that first panel took me. D: About half the time of this page... yeah.

I FORGOT HOW FUN THE DODGE TOOL IS. I must not abuse it ; ;
That last panel came out so well in preliminary sketches... what happened?!

To those of you who think James will disappear forever after the 6th page... you're almost right! He shows up again in the distant... DISTANT future XDDD
asharknamedmooduh: Woah!God and Jess are right, James is walking ahead. :3

Jess: Xerox's on the fence right now... But I really like that character so I expect he'll still be around. ^^
Hokay, got a LIIIIITLE lazy on this page, but its passable. I might go back in and add some more detail, but for now I just had to post something. @_@
lpwriterkalnhz07: That's right, forget the entire old story. :P I've redone a lot.

"Q: What materials and programs do you use for your comics?
A: Lots. First of all I draw and ink everything by hand with mechanical pencils and Copic ink pens. I scan the pages and use Photoshop 7 for color... and chapter covers and other drawings are created often using watercolor or markers."

From the FAQ :D
Heehee glad you guys like James so far >w<

And Scriptkitty: In a way, same here :O
Lol whoops, it was Adidas.

I have my dumb moments, too :D
Awwww James sets a mood of sadness. D: Bad boyfriend, bad! *whacks* Obey Alex, slave!

Also: Poke around and see what new songs I have up on random pages :D

I named the city! Lolol, amazing. It's Southport, btw. (It's cut off there)

Welcome the new character :D
Lots o' flowers, eh? Do I have a theme going? :O

I changed Colin's name to Alex. xD It's a nice unisex name, its in no way narcissistic >> So there's Alex showing some leg. Despite having modeled for the pose myself, there is no way I look that good xD

I used a 0.05 ink pen and watercolors :3
It's June! You know what that means...
RElaunch is under way. Rejoice, all ye fans. I'm actually really excited about the new direction of this comic, and I hope you are, too! Be on the lookout for a new working layout and updated character profiles. Guess what? Dutch looks quite different now. Please don't kill me *hides*

The new Rococo has an abstract message and fewer obvious outcomes. >> There will be suspense! I encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions, I enjoy reading them. :D


P.S. You can read the entire old version here:
December 24th, 2007
Jess: I know what you meant. ^^ It's getting better.

If I ever do pick them up again, it would be after almost completely restructuring and repacing the story. ^^;
December 23rd, 2007
D'awwww thanks fellows :3

paigeykin: I have no idea what the layout's about either. xD It takes place in L.A where I live, and saw a pile of stoplight parts on the side of the road one day... and the other character comes up later ^^
December 23rd, 2007
Heck yeah, I'm efficient! Less than a week since the last update! Chika chika yeah yeah~

I got a bit lazy toward the end there, but there are some good panels!

edit: Ummmm I'm probably going to change the layout this week. I got some complaints about its weirdness, so I can fix that. Hope I remember how to css/html. @_@
December 19th, 2007
Thanks for the lovely comments~ I am quite proud of the way this page turned our, panelling and all. *even put off essay writing to photoshop*

And Jess, I put Orion on haitus for the same reason I stopped the other comics: Icky old art, hated the story's pace... yeah T_T I wish I could've written a better script to begin with.
December 18th, 2007
YUSSSSH, got a page done! Now that I've given each comic the thumbs up or the trashcan, I can focus more. Boba survived my comic killing spree. I really like how I have no script or plan whatsoever.

The only other existing comic that survived is Lysogenic Cycle, that will be restarting ASAP. Also, I'm collabing with a nice writer lady on another comic called "Defunct Darling". :3

Sorry to Rococo and Perfect Toy fans. Major plotholes and terribly drawn pages distracted me. @_@

edit: HAHA. Eight. Don't worry, you're not supposed to get that.
Onlooker: Though I seriously doubt you'll come back to read my reply, I agree that this story is crappy. Which is why I haven't updated in SEVERAL MONTHS. Thanks for the advice. I've been working on developing storylines since I started this last year.

Ooooooh geez, where to begin. I've had a lengthy absence from internet art sites, and I don't know if I'll ever be back completely. Maybe after high school, we'll see.

I found and lost my first love within the span of a month. It's so painful, I can't even begin to describe it. At the very least, I have some good memories that I can carry with me.

See you in dreamland~ <3
This comic is nicely drawn and screentones/colored! I wonder why it doesn't have more fans?