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I like comics. I like my new scanner. I like long walks on the beach and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. I'm an economics major. Does anything else need saying?

September 3rd, 2012
School is a bitch. I will try to be quicker.

Also, hopefully things are looking better, Im trying to find the best way for me to color. I gotta say that I like this so far.
Yeah im a dick. I took a camping vacation got busy at work. I am back now though
And here we go again
Last page of the chapter! see you in two weeks as I get feedback and start chapter 2s buffer!
2 pages left in the chapter!
Really busy so Im not promising more than a page a week right now. Will change as I get more acclimated. Also, Hate this page.
Work, blah blah. try to get both due for this wee in by tonight
3 of 3 see you next week, Chapter's almost done
You're getting all three for this week today, but it's three this week. Otherwise ill never have a stable buffer!
No excuses. Things have been hectic, two jobs, girlfriend, yadda yadda. Need to work more, back on schedule. Wel, back to it!
I'm going to try my best to get all of this weeks out, but i'm probably going to miss next week. I've got finals, dudes.
I don't know man, they're pretty sharp.
I like coloring word ballons. At least for me, it makes certain things easier, like attributing a statement to someone who is off panel.
I feel like this chapter should be titled:growing pains. There was just no way I could leave the page at the standard 600X 849 and not warp the picture, which means I need to figure something out, because a comic can't have pages of different sizes for no reason. Live and learn. If I keep on the way I am doing I will have to change the standard size to 650 X 849. I'll have to think about it. Ah well, this comic is my last attempt at my first comic. It will never be printed so that is less of a concern. I will just keep motoring through.
Jesus, am I bad at speech bubbles or what?
This is monday's update. I finished early, so I figured, what the hell. I'm probably going to be done this whole week's updates in a few hours, but those'll be posted on their designated days or else I'll never be able to build at least a mini buffer.
I promise people start actually interacting with each other at some point. And I'm baaaack!
The old page is actually more correct than this one. GODFUCKINGDAMMIT
I wanted to redraw this page since the proportions were off relative to the perspective, but I'm just going to move forward
I'm tragically late with both updates. Several things sort of happened at once this week including a bunch of dumbshit migraines due to needing new glasses and my best friend leaving for another state. None of these are real reasons to miss an update, but there you go. I should have the next page up later today and I plan to update with at least four pages next week to make up for it.