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Hey Internet. How goes it?

I'm just a guy who likes to make sprite comics and play games sometimes.... I guess you can call me somewhat of a nerd.

When It comes to criticism I openly welcome it in all shapes and sizes, like I said before I only do this for fun... Nothing less...Nothing more!

This is just a part time hobby in which I enjoy, That all being said I hope you enjoy my works!

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And again!
THANKYOU KCSPICE, Your help with this comic made it all the more fun
Thanks KC!
Full credit goes to my man KCSPICE!

I gotta make title pages first though!
This is happy face! :)
The Beatles. I like the setup thus far dude
To be continued....
Yep, This whole time Genesis was on his merry ol way to get the Oblvion core... But what is it.. and what is Zero dimension? Twill all be found out!
Nice Dog fight!
I actually like the setup of this page a lot!
Look back to TSF!
The old group is kinda getting back together!
When just a random person gets warped to the battle
Haha! Anyone who read or watched the original Dragon ball would get that when Goku was younger he was oddly naive... To say the fuckin least :P
<img src="" border="0" alt=" photo Dbz world.png"/>
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: Lol, These pages have been made a while ago, there is still more to be revealed! If there is any to be revealed :P
For those of you who know. The Fe games have a massive amount of characters, from lovable to forgettable tropes.. I decided to sprite and add my 3 favorite characters from my playthrough of awakening who just so happened to be my strongest family in that playthrough.
<img src="" border="0" alt=" photo Fe world 2.png"/>
We have the Ylissian warriors joining the crossover. Some of the Character interactions will be a result of social links from my playthrough of the game... As we all know a playthrough of Fire Emblem awakening is different for everyone.

<img src="" border="0" alt=" photo Fe world 1.png"/>
Really nice intro bro
Hows this for a return!
Say no more regular updates shall continue!