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Achievements You will get In Sonic Generations.
His clothes reminds me of Lux's clothes for some reason. I think its the spot on his chest though.
Needs: My Author Character =3
If you ask me, she only looks gothic because she's purple and has red eyes. And even that doesn't seem very gothic.
Why? She's fine as she is. Also, I'm thinking of doing reviews on the footage of stages revealed so far in Sonic Generations. Anyone approve?
@Chrono Z
I'm guessing Your calling the BLUE one, Bill Clinton, right? It makes more sense.
I knew I had to post this =D
I posted this because I knew I had to. My friends, I think Sonic Generations blew my mind.
Fireball looks epic ^^
Exactly, so I hope It won't hit too hard.
Darn Hurricanes >=(. Also I'll pray.
I hate Hurricanes. I had to evacuate once from Rita and evacuated Twice from Gustav -or whatever it was called- and Ike. Ike destroyed my house.
I shall Pray =( How close is it to you?
Just My Author Character Sprites. Any changes needed?
Thats actually really good! And I mean it looks good Period, not only in comparison.
Cool, they all look WAY better! The Spike in Shrake's quills looks odd though.
I'll cameo, just use my character in this comic.
-late comment-
I support.