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I'm normal, no matter how formal I am. LOL ^^ I love shoujo, and anything romance! My hobbies are mostly my friends, sleeping, drawing, dreaming, manga,sleeping, anime, and daydreaming.

My life is my art, and my art is my life. If you ever want to truly connect with me, you have to have some kind of creative passion, be it drawing, cooking, design, performing, etc.
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    Alisa Andrews
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Critques Please!
This is a two-page manga that I created for a contest. It's read from right to left.
The theme being "my art can change the world."
I'd love to see what you all think. It's only two pages so it won't take you long. So how about it~?
Link to Profile:
Link straight to manga:
Thank you~
Yay~ Mine was picked! Thank you. It looks amazing~
Wha-!!!!!!!! X( Don't hurt the boy that obviously like your
I was finally able to do a real double spread~! Yay! I'm so happy I could cry~ TT.TT
The kiss was so good that his legs gave out! XD Way to go Alex~!
Memories Abyss
Here is a link to the Memories Abyss profile:

Genre: Shoujo, Supernatural, Romance, Comedy, and Physiological

Synopsis: On the night of the first snow in a small city in Japan, Kanako Akita walks about the city after getting kicked out of her dorm room by her roommates. On her way back, she bumps into a polite, mysterious man. To apologize for the accident, the man walks her back to her room. One month later, she acquires a new foreign language teacher, who also seems to have a few mysteries about him. With strange and dangerous incidents happening around her, can one college girl maintain her semi-peaceful life?

Updates once a week. Please don't hesitate to stop by and check out my manga! Thanks a bunch~!
July 16th, 2012
O.o WHa- No Nii-san! Don't get too familar with Ryouta!He's Tomoya's!
New & Old
Okay, first off let me say this this is my style. The next few pages are rather old, so they are not as good, but I will probably redo the old pages so that they fit with the newer ones better. Thanks for reading~!
July 15th, 2012
You better have a good explaination, Yuki. You now have an audiance sitting and waiting, food in hand. ^_^ Haha!
I am very sorry. I was cleaning my pen nibs, and found them rusted later. I ordered some (and even paid extra so that I could update on time), but when the box came today, they sent me the wrong thing. Now I have to reorder them, so until I get my hands on some nibs, I am afraid there will be no update. But don't worry~! I should get some in time for next week! I will work hard so that you can two pages in one to make up for this!
Okay I have realized that I hate my old ink. I will get used to the new one! I will! I really like how the top right panel turned out. I just wish I used my new ink on it...
Lance, you are hot enough! Just go for it!
@shadowmaster403 It was a different type of ink. It seems to lay more on the paper. The other ink seemed to absorb into the paper more, making it blotchy. The bad part about the new is that when I try to ink large areas, it makes the paper pucker. It is darker, which is a good thing though. I wish i had used the new ink fro the uncoming page. It looks so blotchy now.
Edit: @shadowmaster403 Yes, it rippled. Using them together is a bad idea. They are two different brands with completely different characteristics (the biggest being the contrast difference.) The older ink is very light, while the new ink is dark. I prefer dark and smooth. Don't worry about it. I think I'll go with the new ink. I'll just have to practice enough so that I know how to use it without it puckering.
Mouse Voice and Ink
The entire time I was working on this page, I would look up at the very top picture of the 2 people crashing into each other, and I'd scream out No~!!!!! Yes, the entire time I was working on this, I was screaming no in a little mouse voice.

I used a new kind of ink with this page. ...It was a pain, but if it looks better than the other ink then I'll stick with it. I would really love it if someone would comment on which ink is better. Thanks~

@k64speed - Thank you for your opinion ^^
Lance looks so hot in the bottom left panel~
He's hot!!!! I wish I had a DA account to submit something! >.<
Summer Studio
I don't really like to work with colored pencil or the type of pens I was given to use, but after all the work that went into it (6 hours a day for two days) I have a new appriciation for it. Everything is hand made by me (well except for the paper). I am not really satisfied with it, but I am proud ^^

Well, I will start the updates back this week. I hope you all enjoy it... I hope you all read it TT.TT I know I haven't been very good at this so far, but I am trying really hard to do better.

@k64speed - I really appreciate it. I feel abit better about how I have been doing! Thanks~ ;)
Wow! That is like the perfect song~ Great job, LADYLOVER!
This turned out a lot better than I thought it would, especially after ink dripped from my pen onto the page. When I saw the ink spreading, not being able to do anything about it, my heart stopped for a moment! Luckily that can be fixed if it's not too serious.
I am going to my first art class ever next week! I will make a little something extra next week so that I have something to put up as soon as I get back. I'll see you all the week after next~!