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Its called 'Heros Come Back'

God, its only bested by one other Naruto opener, And guess the name of the song for it. (hint: its the sixth one, which is the comic-like one)
come on people, comment! And Rate! I need to know how to get better and I want to know what you think!
Woah, its alive! Last time I was here it was just me and gerardwayisawesome posting and there were about 92 comics...
dont worry, you still have this little fan! :D I wuv this comic!
It looks like a real key... and I might fix the shading and stuff up if you give me the sheet :)
I missed the weekend so It is a big comic. I missed todays as well so tomorow will be double update or big comic. This is the biggest comic ive evar made! :)

I also tried to do some sound effects. Not realy sure if they are all that good >.>

tomorows will probably be late too. but after that I can hopefully keep them being posted at 1:30
Oh nice goin' =Zak=... we're all gonna be murdered by GF... Bye bye cruel life!
Who are you gonna go for if Renji loses?
yeah, I got good replys about the new bubbles so Ive decided to keep them until I get complaints or anything. I just think it gives it a stronger feeling.

anyway, Just to let the world know, Ive got the "We're all goin' on a Mad Dash!" song stuck in my head >.> I love that game :D

Also, this is the biggest comic ive ever made unless you count frames in an animation as a panel. So Im realy proud of it :D

I am aware that in the 7th panel there is no line conecting Sasukes words with his sprite.

Its my birthday in 24 days :) :) :) :)
She is dead and she hasnt even been here that long
First post woot!

and We dont realy have anything planned >.< maybe we could have a big animation or an extra-large comic, or a comic that is in about 5 parts or something

2 more comics, you call that Soon? The way this place is updating thats 2 seconds!
MGF, it is E-man before you.
double update again. And I also tried out an effect with the speech bubbles. I want to hear your thoughts :D
the background is just a blured version of something.
Lol, I will fix that when possible
2kewl ~ if your gonna comment then use proper grammar. For those that didnt quite understand what he said:

"well the reason he wears orange and blue is because his creator realy liked Dragon Ball Z. Another reason is that the strongest guy in Dragon Ball Z is Goku and he wears orange and blue."