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September 1st, 2011
It's sort of fanon that in almost any given AU Milley is either journalist or porn novels writer. Somehow Lulu is main hmmm... hero of said novels and generally works as Milley's muse :>

And it would be a sin to not use that amazing part of fanon :>
I'm overwhelmed :D
Thank you for 400 faves <3
August 23rd, 2011
Here comes Milly!

I'm back from lalaland and to balance lack of last week page this week page is earlier :)
August 10th, 2011
Lulu is an vengeful bastard ;P

Backgrounds are so half assed so I feel deeply ashamed of them. But hey, page is one day early! :) (because I will have some unexpected errands to do tomorrow)

Also, there probably will be no page next week or it'll be really late :( I'm leaving for a family trip :)

@all of you dear commenters (is there such a word? O.o)
Thank you for your warm reception of my chibi spawn :D
Nu worries though. I'm not gonna stop it. I enjoy drawing chibis way too much :>
Also I'd like to thank toy for your comments. They really keep me going with this little project :)

Really, really, really would you draw me a fanart *w* ?
(Who cares that it would be fanart to fanart since it is Code Geass doujinshi of sorts :D )
August 4th, 2011
I'm under impression that I'm overusing chibis.
It's too fun and I'm not going to stop :> (As a bonus: I'm too lazy to make proper backgrounds. Shame on me ;P )

Hope your inner stalker is satisfied with new page. Also thank you for following me on tumblr :)

@Amuya & Sychaar
Nyaaa~~~~ deathly dilemma T.T
July 28th, 2011
Aaaand next page :3 !

Thank you very, very much for warm welcome back. It really means a lot to me :) I never thought so many people cared. Thank you! I'm so happy >w<

This time I'd try to be more on time with updating (well, updating at all ^^'' ) at least till end of this chapter.
July 21st, 2011
Well... um I seriously don't know what should I write.

I'm back as you obviously could see? And I'm terribly sorry and ashamed of myself because I totally fail at being regular with updates.

Anyway I didn't abandoned this comic and I probably would fail at regular updates but I still am here and still want to continue.

And I'd like to thank you very,very, very much for showing some concern after I failed at updates. I'd never thought that anyone would care because, well, this comic is kind of stupid ^^'''

Droga Loreen,naprawdę Ci dziękuję za ten komentarz bo właściwe on mnie kopnął z powrotem do roboty ^^''' Przypomniały mi się te wszystkie nie kontynuowane komiksy/fanfiki które czytałam i jakoś tak doszłam do wniosku ze nie chcę być aż tak wredna >.<

lil bonus info

If anyone is interested what I wasted almost all this time for. You could fin out here:
stubborn animation
@Sychaar @kuri-kun
and anyone having problems with animation

This picture is an oekaki so I guess (being a computer noob I'm) you need to have installed java to be able to see animation.

If that wouldn't work I'd try to update flash maybe? Dunno...

Hope I helped a little (even if this animation isn't worth bothering with it ^^''' )
Little thing I did for the lulz today.

Now we know why Suzie is so stubborn and would stay with Lulu even if he would send him death glares every now and then. Suzie simply is masochist and likes said glares :B

But, back to on topic stuff.
I'm posting this because I'm not sure if I'd be able to post next page on Monday. I'll spend whole weekend on anime convention and my schedule changes so from now on I'll have lectures on Mondays.

That's why update-day would be changed (again >.< '''' ) to Wednesdays (probably)
300 +faves took me totally by surprise *.*

luv ya~~~~~ *w*

Thanks for all those lovely comments. They mean much for me :3

Oh... and for those are interested:
animation of this drawing ;)
April 11th, 2011
Late again =.=
Blame entirely me and my stupid idea of "heyletsmakeananimation" =.=. If anyone is interested you could find it here It's totally unrelated to Code Geass but well... new shiny fandom is shinier than old fabu~~~~~~~~lous fandom :B

But don't worry. I'm stubborn enough to continue this comic ;)
April 4th, 2011
Even if I have awesomely busy weekend I somehow managed to finish this page. Maybe it's bit unpolished but at least on time ;)
March 28th, 2011
And next page :) I just love Lulu inner paranoia.

Just like this one :B

Thank you for pointing out my lame mistake. I've corrected it :)
March 21st, 2011
Actual page for you in which Suzie gets too excited for entirely ivul reason :> (thats why next page would be filled entirely with Lulu inner paranoia :> )

Sorry for that lame doodle joke before. I just couldn't stop myself :B

Yup, an talking carrot. I forgot to erase that little thing ^^''' I just added it for my own amusement while inking this page (that's why it even isn't in English).
It basically says something like: "I'm carrot <3! woff woff"
Since 13yaroza requested of me to "Stop being so good at art >:u"

Ain't am osom to fill evry rquest? :B
Hav ya any other rqestz dear rider? :>

Real page will be posted soon ;P I just need to finish colouring it.
(well, this and stop being ivul :> )
March 14th, 2011

Since Mondays won in voting for new update day :)
March 10th, 2011
Important question.

Due to changes in my schedule I have to change update day. So I've decided to give you choice dear reader :)

Would you prefer update day to be:
=> Monday
=> Wednesday
My, my... first sparkling Suzaku, then mostly pink title page... where this comic is leading to (without me knowing)

February 24th, 2011
dear god...

an sparkly suzaku
what have i done O.o

Sorry for being late this time (and with half assed last page of first chapter). RL is getting though on me =.=

I'd like to thank you for your comment SutefunieR It's really cute to hear :) With my current situation little positive things like this means really lot to me.

Yup, I feel being positively evil. A lot :>
I'm not much of a cat person but as far as I know cats wags their tail when they are pissed or ready to attack (*insert very sly grin here*) or something like that, aren't they?
February 17th, 2011
How a little detail changes everything ~~~:>

Actual page is a page before!