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Icon by the amazing SilvarLunarWing
It's been a while, how are y'all
ho boy the last NNN update was in 2017

-squints and peeks at yours-
You updated in May

I updated last y e a r
hey im not dead
now you can go gossip about how inconsistent I update, yayyyyy

also, don't jump off motorcycles kids eue-b
She's talking about the movie, Nye
Long story short, flash is stupid and I am forced to go back to drawing pages for NNN again. I know. Lame.
//leaves this here
//and backs away slowly
@Stormy: Omg, Hi. I'm so late to reply (sleeping for 20 hours is fun tho). Uhhh as for the next page, I'm not too sure bc I'm still pretty dang busy.
A friend of mine is making a game and I'm doing concept art for it, and I actually want to make a new, original comic that just took over my interests atm so

I dunno when I'll post again. Maybe when PMD becomes interesting to me again...?

Uhm, I am just a hot mess as usual.

College is okay for the most part. I was invited to be part of an artist alley for its pop culture convention. That was exciting, but I had to turn that down because apparently every project I have is due like a week before it. Other than that, I'm making friends :D

Stressful? Ooo boy. Yep. I have at least 9 assignments right now - three of them essays, one is a presentation. All that I have to do THIS week. Uhhhhh, but you know, it's not that different than high school for me :u
Really the hard part about it for me is trying to make sure I feed and wake myself. That's 'bout it.

Thanks for checking in! I hope you all have been well~
I know I haven't been posting on tumblr much (coughI'mcheatingonitwithothersocialmediacough) , but I do know when someone tries to contact me there or here - albeit a little late because emails amirite
So if ya'll just wanna spam stuff here, be my guest.

tl;dr: I'm alive but barely just like any other day.
@Stormygamer: No I don't actually. I wouldn't know what I would use it for tbh
@NovaKirby23: Aw, thanks for reading up to this point.
@Stormygamer: Aw, happy late new year reply!
Thank you so much~!
whoop, main story again
Didn't think I'd update this huh?
Well, it's been 6 months since page 150, so...

-rolls into a self dug grave-
I'm terrible I know
There's a lot I keep changing with the plot points in this chapter. ;u;

The change in art style will be amazingggg
@WiispNightmare: Ah, you're right - kinda does look like she's clutching her stomach. I did this is kind of a rush because I thought SJ was changing the website layout soon, but....Idunseeanychanges

I will redo this later tho
@WiispNightmare: Well, there are lots of variations to hazel, which also include like blue and green as well, so I didn't really consider it.

@WiispNightmare @GrovyleGoodbye128: Then, how about honey colored? o3o?
I'm not dead
I mean, the whole month of November was just absolutely crazy. Elections (and I'm an immigrant so you can already tell my political stance on this), Pokemon SM, there's snow falling, financial problems w/ college and now finals - which will be fun. Haha.

After this week though, I'm off onto my winter break for two months - let's see if I get enough artistic energy to power through and make more pages during that time, yeah? I haven't updated the main story since June which I'm terribly sorry about. Ehhh ;;

Oh hey, yeah, my art is gradually shifting which is nice too. I guess that's what happens when you're surrounded by talented af people at an art college.
@WriterRaven: Thank you. Glad to hear that you're safe too. And maybe it is her... :3c
I'm not dead
But I do need to update more here to let you guys know that lol
So here's the cover that Smackjeeves apparently needs in the future

Just been busy with school and personal stuff
Once everything's chill again, I'll try to find the time to write up the next flash
@WriterRaven: I drew that face (because why not), and Foxblaze wanted to write a line so that it's used in this flash too.
ye boi
=== ===

Hi guys. College has been kicking my ass lately. Not because the work is too hard, but because I am an adult with responsibilities now. :'D So I've been out an about. Thankfully, I have mostly night classes, which means I could probably work on pmd fire-fox related stuff throughout my mornings unless everything becomes overwhelming later.

Anywhoo! This is a guest page written by my buddy Foxblaze (who writes/draws PMD: Crossing Dimensions btw). Originally it was a scene between Grovyle and the Feral Alakazam we saw before, but I added a tidbit at the ending.

I need to draw one more sprite before writing the next scene, then after posting that, I have to finish even more sprites and hopefully, make shit for the main storyline! (There are too many freaking characters.) Anyways, that's it for today's update. Hope y'all do okay in your lives.