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1. California, USA
2. I have several favorite pairings, but I was literally just reading Spock/Kirk so I guess that? Other favs include Sherlock/John (any Sherlock story or show) and Stiles/Derek (Teen Wolf).
3. I'm not great with knowing actors' names and such. I identify them mainly with variations on "that guy/girl from that thing with the stuff."
Sorry, I just had to
@Quadrant: Sha la la la my oh my you gotta kiss the guy!
That tag is driving me nuts.
Congrats! :) You guys seem like an awesome couple. I hope you have a lovely honeymoon!
@karasuko: Oh my word, please tell me that was a YGOTAS reference. Ha ha. :D
Congratulations on your engagement! You guys seems like a really sweet couple. ^_^