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I am... yes, what can be said about me?
Well, I am an avid comic reader, reading more comics than whats good for me all awhile travelling the webcomic universe, recording Cameos & Crossovers along the way...

You won't get to see me doing my own comic, because my skills at the pen is NOT worth writing home about, but I've done a little writing for comics here and there...

And... thats it!? Anyone who can come up with something better? Give it a shot then...
It's probably easier to number the things they did NOT do that could warrant and arrest XD
And omnious ending to a spectacular act of Oz! :)

Thanks for a fun run, enjoy your Happy Place! :D
And thats why we love you Cedrick... you are good enough for a bad guy :D

... and Kaza will feel really hurt by your comment! XD
For one who does not like fighting, here sure has an effective way of telling it... :o
The Them from "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" goes through my head when I see this...

Yep, you've come a long way, and you've set new high marks for Spriters to reach! :)
I'd say ├Żou did well on the pixelated monstrosity... and even better at pissing Cedrick off!
Ah, Reunions... one of my favorite heartwarming moments :)
It always impresses me how you can technobabble you out of almost any situation the various Halloween Capers have put you in XD
Never underestimate the Power of Onions!

Also, you are doing a great job with the portrayal of the various Capergoers personalities :)
Its contagious! And you cant even kill it with fire! :o

Happy Halloween! XD
Hahahahahaha XD
Well, Fear took it better than I expected :p
While following the Yellow Brick Road, do take time to stop and meet the... natives? :p

... and the last part of your commentary more or less mirrors my reaction around each and every Caper :D
Time Travel is where the real fun Begins... but Cedric is knows his tropes :)
The only thing worse than hearing voices is said voice being sexist, sarcastic and downright... suicidal!
Whoa! Thats a nice pixelated rendering og the Shelterville skyline (or lack of) we have here! :)
Gotta love those costumes... really gotta love those costumes! :D
Aaand... we start up by splitting the party... this will be good :)
@AmyOf Darkness: Oh yes, they are SO much easier to catch when they are all in one place! ;)
This... is an excellent start :-)
Looking forward to see how they fare! :D
August 30th, 2016
Damn he is good!