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a dynamic can be 'off' without anyone involved being miserable, so i agree with hades.
if no weapon can pierce that skin, how did zeus kill that monster in the first place?
that guy! he's my favorite.
wait, aren't there prosthetic legs made of wood dating from as early as the middle ages?
@Porky: i know! but it doesn't help at all
you can make a kind of ink from charcoal though, right? or at the very least, you can use it as a crude pencil, but that would probably get all smeary.
induct... into... alien conspiracy. she's going to look really cool in that black suit.
my doctor said meditation tapes like from walmart would help, i'm not so sure...
bernadette is gonna take those guys *clothes shopping*~
i bet he was just looking for an excuse to use it, it's strawberry icecream colored!
starting to see where death was coming from with the whole 'poke out his eyes' idea.
it *is* sad to see food getting thrown away...
i wonder how daniel got into this world, then?
...what is he trying to say?!
@melaredblu: if her husband is anything like my parents, he's already eaten the candy.
'okay'? or is it an accent

the use of tones on this page is very cinematic
May 20th, 2014
they need bunk beds, this lack of bunk beds is practically illegal.
be careful there, rats like to eat headphones.