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Great Page. Please take your time. we'll be here for you :D
She's so cute. lol i bet Rei fell inlove with her as soon as he say her because his face gives of that vibe <3 luv it
please update more!
AWWW i just wanna hug the hikaru boi he's so cutie! and so is rei :D
wow, how's he gonna do that? haruhi is pretty aggressive and oh, i voted to see the image it's FREAKING HOT!
Can't wait for the next chapter, i'm excited!!
shes finally coming out. i wonder if she is aggressive as haruhi. lol
wow, she looks even more scarier. i would run.
why does he wanna help her if she dose not want to be helped anyways?
GAAAH! haru looks pissed even though i cant see his face :D i wonder what's gonna happen!
emmm... hope that's gonna work. cant wait to see him perform.
wow that's crazy, her father is selfish and that really sucks! i feel bad for haruhi.
Man i knew it, but i wasn't sure so i just watched to see were this was going. luv the story please keep updating! <3
hyun so cha
October 5th, 2011
hyun so cha
October 5th, 2011
here u go
hyun so cha
October 5th, 2011
here u go
hyun so cha
October 5th, 2011
here u go
hello peevs
here is chap 4 intro
sorry it took so long :(
sorry for the long wait, i was contemplating if i should delete this comic or not but i decided to just keep going. but anyways here is the next page so enjoy!
hello guys
sry the pages are taking forever. my friend is going to a conventions and shes making hats to sell on there so im helping her out with it. anyways enjoy!
Hello Guys! (New Update!)
lol, yes guys the language prince atushi is speaking is called RA not sondoria, but you guys will all see that later on during the comic so no rush

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@ creativelittleme : his cloths was colored in photoshop, lol i just used pattern, thats all :D

@ Suka-Retto: the name of the font is called kakam, lol :D
colored in photoshop, i didn't put much into this, just did it fast but hope its still good, you get the point. he looks so much like a girl.