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Oh my goodness I have been wishing for you to make this comic for so long and now it is here and I am excruciatingly happy, it's so wonderful!
YOU UPDATED! That makes today the best day of the month! And yes I totally love your negative space, it builds some good tension.
Man I love your work so much.
I APPRECIATE IT! I APPRECIATE IT BAD! Your colouring is amazing!
Oh god you are so fantastic. I LOVE this
I think of everything you've done, this is my favourite page
I concur. This page is great
I laughed a little too hard at the last panel
I'm really starting to love this. My first thought was oh man he ate someone, closely followed by my second thought of OH MY GOSH LOOK AT HIS FINGERTIPS. They have whorls. =D Little details make me happy
I'll miss your art while you're gone but good luck!
I think..I love him...yes I do
December 11th, 2010
me thinks it did m'dear
also HAHAHAH...soul...
They're even cuter in colour!
They. are so. CUTE! *dies*
December 5th, 2010
Everytime I bake cookies now they shall be known as Really Important Cookies
OH WOW! The colours!!!! *drools*
I think I just had the best visual and fangirl experience of my life. I finally understand pure happiness