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I like pie. I like pudding. I like snacks. I like manga. I like anime. I am random . . . <--- short description of me. Long Description:
Hi there! I am so random! I love to draw on paper more than computer so if i draw any comics its on paper. I love to eat and snack. I hate exercising as my leg is always having a cramp. And I am not fat! I am accepted weight for my height so don't say i eat to much =P
Aww such a waste. You draw so good, I wish you didn't have Dystonia. The story was getting gooddd.
I hope they'll find a cure for you x
My... finally alive!
And yay!
You selling it on the internet? I love this comic and I'd buy it when i have the moneyyy
Don't. Let. Her. Go!!!
oh my god.. long time since i laughed while reaading something
tanaka just HAD to ruin everything i have been depending on.
coz of the first scene. That little bit of hair and speed and clothes despite it being possibility of a boy its a girl vibe
Stalkin' all stalker like.
Thats what K.E.Y. is all about XD
AWWW, But if they're not even sixteen.... LOL
I read this long time ago and i thought you forgotten about it as it was such a long pause. then when you came back i got no time. Then now i forgot a lot of parts.. But re-reading i was like OMG
I missed months of drawing.
I totally forgetten about this due to exams. and my laptop being taken away. QAQ i feel horible that i never re-posted my introduction. I shall re-do! And i will definitley do this. If i don't. I WILL BAN MYSELF FROM ..errr... USING PEN MARKERS :)
so tense D:
Yay an update :')
I guess when the fathers wanted a day dedicated to them?
isn't nikita the mom's name?
Or the girl;?
I can;t remember any names!! D:
only 139 :(
lol. The japanese rice treat, Dango, says No? Or Yes?
i didn't notice them wearing shoes at home. I DON'T WEAR SHOES INSIDE THE HOUSE ITS JUST... idk. I put it beside the door or in the shoe cabinet. lol @yehram's comment. I am an asian and maybe its true?