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Heya! I'm peppo. I'm currently a college freshman In San Francisco so while i have recently come back from a year-long hiatus from comics, i cannot promise regular updates or anything like that. On the other hand, i have yet to make any friends here and my boyfriend is in the navy, so aside from class and homework, I've got plenty of free time :D

I like shonen-ai and yaoi comics. They are just fun to draw. I'm not skilled enough to do yaoi, plus im a little too shy (Though i had a collab with Devdasi a long while ago... when i get the yaoi thirst maybe i'll update?)

I like fanart. I love fanart. It motivates me. If you give me fanart I'll work on an update especially for you, so sent any fanarts to
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Name: Kami-sama (not his real name obviously)

Age: 20

Likes: Converting cute semes to ukes, cute things (has an obsession with penguins...), Teasing cute boys

Dislikes: Overtly "uke-ish" ukes (hence why he converts semes), Girly clothing

This is kami-sama! He is new to the series, but he's a main character so give him your love!
haha! bet you weren't expecting that! I have photoshop now! Fwahaha. Anyway. I felt the need to color my dearest Kei today so here he is... in all his colorfully beautiful glory :D I'm going home for thanksgiving so i wont have my scanner, but i expect the comic to officially launch when i get back... so in the first few days of December expect a few pages :D

By the way: his shirt says "boys wake up" which is a line from the song "hello my friends" by Takui. I was inspired for Kei's hairdo from that video so it just fit XD
Sharing Kei's re-design with all of you :D I like him much better now :D I think Fauxhawks are so freaking cute. He has a last name now too! Yay hoshi (the author has a slight obsession with astronomy...) I'll keep working hard to make the rest of the characters just as adorable.

I totally was inspired by Takui's look in the music video "Hello My Friends" so if you wanna see where i got the idea, go watch that video on youtube. That's also where the words on his shirt came from :D
Yay! I am restarting this comic! My life has meaning again! Also... ignore spelling mistakes... as i said, i just threw this announcement up real fast so i could tell you all :D
yayy! okay, so this is the first page of the redo. you should recognize peppo, the owner of peppo's patisserie (ie, me) lol. i have this bad habbit where my normal art is better quality than my comics. i really am trying to fix this. i think its because i draw big bette than i draw small, and drawings on my comic are smaller. plus in the comic i have to do more facial expression and poses. so its hard. lol. i am still much happier with this than the first version :D
so yeah, i am really unhappy with the way i started this comic, ad i feel like i can do so much better, so im redoing it. lol. im going to delete all the previous pages.... which will be sad sicne ill lose all the happy comments, so leave me new happy comments :D

P.S. Im also gona redesign kei cause i wanna make him better :D so lok foreward to a new, red haired boy!
word of advice love, comics are more popular on here if you make whatever is special about them obvious, like in the banner write "shoujo ai!!!!" its a cheap trick but it works. also, update at the right time. if you are going to add new pages you should add them around 8 or nine i think it was... maybe 7 but somewhere in that range, cause thats when more people are online and they can see it on the recent updates page. also, the banner should be like, the best image you can come up with, make it really colorfula nd pretty, and as i said, advertise the shonen ai. this is the advice that devdasi gave me and it helped me a bit :D good luck vickie!
September 11th, 2007
*sobs* kaoru looks so shocked/sad/vulnerable int he second panel! *hugs*
yes... i am going to be gone.... i planned to update all of my comics before i left... but i am a procrastinator... so sue me? lol. i do love you all though... so i shall update when i get back? DONT HATE ME! *cowers*
"you know what we do to gays in this household...."

Sholder fangirl: *evil laugh* everythign is going according to plan..... MWA HAHAHAHHAHA!
lol. yeah. i got permission to borrow devdasi's hot man bakery idea. we decided that peppo's patisserie is the sister store, working together with the hot man bakery, but in a different town. lol. Im putting dev in the comic at some point i think.... lol
July 20th, 2007
awww! kou-chan should be all semelike and smach the machine open to get za kitty for midori! ..... or not...
oooh.. thanks for catching the typo belived_sacrifice... fucking gatoraide fuckign up my abilities to spell *mutter mutter* ill go fix it now ^w^
July 15th, 2007
awww! lil travis is so huggable! go snuggle with taki travis! either the kitty or the person will do ^w^
keke... i love the lemon in his mouth... gawd i love kei... anyway. the outfit he is wearing is likely to change by the time i get around to drawing him wearing it in the comic... i dunno if im happy with it... maybe its the color... but oh well. It works for now. it'll be fixed by the time its in the comic. and devdasi... shhh! they dont know why he's dressed like that! ^ . ~
yeah... sorry for the fact that the text in in pencil... i still havent figured out how to put text on stuff in my computer and i didnt want to ink it on there because i want to have the picture to put on my bulliten board and i hate my handwriting....
but anyway... i love you all! thank you so much for faving my comic! you will get more fanservice.... possibly more fanservicier when i get 100 fans! so get crackin! ^w^

Kei: UWAAA! why is my shirt half off???
Elias: *Smirk* *pounce*
Kei: gya! rape!
Elias: you know you like it *mollest*


and if you wanna see it without the lame pencil text... go to my deviant art page
artemislee: hmm... i never thought abaout it. to me its eeeeee leeee aaasss but i guess it could bery easily be elle eee assss

hmm... i guess i like elle eee asss more. so lets go with that. ^w^
Could i have put any more hearts on this page? yes.
Would i want to? gods no. >.<

this is the end of chapter one!

ahah... i feel kinda bad putting myself in my comic.... but it is peppo's patisserie after all! it needs an owner! ^w^ and yes. peppo is teasing kei.
*drool* elias looks so hot... *drool* i still love kei more though. lookit how cute he is! he's totally in a stupor of love!
lol... three years of french class and i resort to using "le menu" T.T my teacher woudl be ashamed....