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Painter by nature Geek by trade. I study Traditional Japanese painting, Gumdo, and Bodypainting

Yes I really am a professional bodypainter.
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Research sometimes you don't like what you find.
The whole scene was very difficult for me to write, I have a hard time thinking like someone who would attack a woman like this. So part of my research was to talk to a victim (who by the way is living very happily these days) and have them help me write this.

We toned it down a little bit for the comic. but I tell you anyone who would consider attacking someone like this is totally sick and needs to be locked up. As I said I had a hard time with this one. just my research made me angry! anyone reading this right now please take a moment and donate to your local woman's shelter.
Updated Page
The art on this page was embarrassing. Yes I know I had planned to keep it up on the server for to show how my drawing has improved over time ... but you know something ... it was really bad and If I am the only one who has to look at that crappy page again I will be happy... so enjoy the new artwork... other pages may suffer the same fate.
Thanks Joreth!
This is not an old concept for me.. the comic was Proofread before I posted. You should have seen the errors before!!! I am perhaps the worst speller on Earth! The problem I face is the unreliability of the proofreaders. My wife (my main source of this) is in the middle of getting her Law Degree and the last thing she wants to do is stare at another computer. Others that have offered to do so don't use the same software.. So it comes down to this ... wait (who knows how long and that may mean never posting) or Post anyways and clean up the mess after someone like you points out my mistakes.

So Just to be clear .. "THANK YOU" for pointing out my grammatical errors I do pay attention even if it does not look that way! (Changes being made to the "Print Version" )
to Fig-Leaf or not to Fig-leaf
to Fig-Leaf or not to Fig-leaf
.. I kept thinking am I going to censor this or not .. and after a long time of debate and discussing with many people I have chosen to fig leaf the characters. There will be a later version that will be print only that will be uncensored but I would like to wait till my drawing skills are better.
Fencing Stance
I want to thank Fencing_eric32 for pointing out that my research was correct. Personally I have only done a little fencing so I'm no expert in any stretch of the imagination. But I can tell you this the only reason to stand like that is if your lunging at someone. in this case he is not .. as Fencing_eric32 put it "at first I was going to write you to point out how you were wrong in Alex's stance then remember he was pointing the GUN at him not the sword"

Makes me feel like I'm doing something right.
Now I'm hooked!
Actually not a shotgun just a poorly drawn rifle :)

though there is a blunderbuss in the future.
This Page was created with watercolor on just plain Printer paper at first I liked this feel. I'm still debating if I'm going to use watercolor for backgrounds or switch to digital
Only a few pages in and I'm loving this. Love the artwork.. inspiring me for ideas in my own comic :)
This started as doodles but has grown beyond that .. you will notice the quality of artwork improves over time, I'm actually embarrassed by the artwork in the first two chapters