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My art sucks. I don't draw seriously enough, if I did...It might not be so bad.....But i'm lazy.
I am a creeper.
if you're crazy unique out of this world i will love you so hard<3
OH BABY<3 you should message me...because I love you<3
or even if i hate you, sure go for it.
I like BL/yaoi zombies vampires cat boys, and chibi style. I REALLY LIKE more of a realistic style also,.....but once again. I suck. Major dick.

:D I love you<3

I have other accounts too...
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WE got through? o;

Cute bro moment. Totally befitting your bro icon.

So sweet I love<3
was born in 1994.
still have the little ddr mat under my bed.

Still play it, people who dont know it think the graphics suck but the game is amazing XD
Cute cat :'DDD

And i like your new wonderfully bloody icon thurr. ಠ u ಠ
I love this page :'D

Ive been playing too much sims too :T
eriiiic say yes, say yes<3 :'D
The bad guy's look sassy xD <3 im loving it<3
January 29th, 2011
I so want a monocle ಠ_ಠ <3
January 25th, 2011
so silly♥
just like a cat, plays with his prey~ XD
i just noticed, he's one of the only ones without ears and a tail isnt he? o:

Btw this page is cool :3 and kinda sad~ D:
Neverending story? XD
I loved the ending best of all,
When he's riding on artax ;__; you know everything was all okay ;__;~♥
I feel your pain D: </3
Updates<3 yaaay :>
Lol. For some reason I was suspecting this yes I'm surprised about it. c:
So..atfirst all i thought was "WHO THE HELL IS THAT?!"

But then i should always read the authers comments = u =;;;
i love black, he's my fav~<3 ; u ;
~*~ updates are a great christmas present ; u ;♥
I guarantee that kid would die in the beginning of V for vendetta. XD

their so cuute~ c:
They end up in ditches so get the riches! C:
I ♥ botdf, this made me smile XD
I love this page, its just so- so cute!♥