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I thought you died!
Epic xD
:[ same thing happened with my cat but..he got out and was snatched away by a hawk D:
ew the red haired guy looks like a hippy ._.
im not sure most of the people in the comments ever read a gender bender ._ .
Mostly she is dressed like a boy no not gender change, she could of had something happen in the past to her so she started dressing like a boy? (btw she could be flat chested or have her breast bonded)and in last page she said its "him" so odds are she remembers him.
k im just guessing here..from the Genderbender, "Boy" with a secret, and the female he a she..?
@pnfpn: why does there have to be a reason?
Scott Pilgrim FTW
omfg i need more O_O love this comic to much >.>;
Welcome back!
:D yay your back!
OMG D:!! i just finished reading cupcakes and you just do happened to have those ponys on the screen!!
omg ._.
whats that pink thing near the stairs at 5th panel?
sanders. . . is badass ( thanks for the reply! xDD! bl owo <3)
i know this comic isn't like that manga but i said it sounds like ( or at least i think i did) but now that i read that manga it is dif then this comic and if i was sounding rude im sorry ;-; your comic tis awesome <3 ;-;
<3 o-o
o_0 my bl fangirl senses are going off
can't wait for mores ;-;
i got it! this manga is Boku to Kanojo no XXX it's just like that manga i only read the plot but it looks like this comic