Big pokemon fan and Kingdom Hearts fan, trying to start my own manga series, and also a pokemon mystery dungeon series; Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Crossing Dimensions. I own at least one of every genre and generation of pokemon, my fav still is Lucario.
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I have an unfortunate announcement (tl;dr at bottom)
Hey guys, been a while. Sorry about that, been busy with work lately, but that's partially why I've had to make this announcement. So, I don't know if any of my original fans are even still around anymore, but if you are (for starters, thank you SO much for being around since the beginning, it means a lot to me!) then you will probably remember all the times I had to stop making this comic and restart it, going into all of my hiatuses etc. Because I deleted all the old pages from here, unless you also follow me on Deviant Art, you probably don't know but the original starting date for my comic was November 20, 2010. Seven years ago. This was just before I started my job when I actually had time and motivation to do this. Now, a while ago before my current hiatus, I had mentioned that I was trying to figure out why I suddenly lost motivation to work on my comic, even though I still really wanted to explore the story. I thought I had figured it out and finally started working on it again, but here we are, another hiatus and lack of motivation to work on it. So for starters I would like to apologize to everyone, and thank those who have still stuck around till now. I've been trying to reflect and go through my old pages to try to understand why I can't seem to break this cycle that just keeps getting worse. Recently, I took a camping trip with my sister and spent a few days away from technology. After it was finished, I think I realized some things, and possibly the main cause of everything.

Lately, I've been really stressed out at work because 3 people suddenly quit and now I am getting more shifts because of that. Which is actually good cause that's what I have been wanting, but I think i was more stressed than I realized. However I think it traces back even further than that, almost to the beginning. As I was looking through my old art, I noticed that before I started working, I would consistently make 2 pieces of art every week, usually one every 4-6 days. But around a year or so after I started my job, slowly it started to decline until now where I barely make one drawing a month, if even that. Now that I am starting to notice where my stress levels are really at, along with trying to find a new/better job, my wrist and shoulder pain, trying to help my sister so our parents won't yell at her, worrying about my roommate's anxiety on top of my own anxiety, and my general depression and not wanting to do anything but sleep for 200 years, I'm pretty much at my breaking point right now and I think that is what's causing my lack of motivation to draw anything at all.

I still have those WIP pages, but honestly, at this point I don't think I am in any condition to finish them. I need to find something else to inspire me and help push me past this block, something I want to do even more than a comic. Which brings me to my actual announcement.

I want to animate this story

Delving into animation has always been a big dream of mine, I've mostly given up on a career when I found out how expensive the schooling is, but I still dabbled in some free programs here and there though none of them really had the capacity for a full-length animation like I wanted to try. Until OpenToonz. Now, I still need to get a feel for it, do some practice animation, but now that I have the resources and my friend Nioitakonoki has been giving me helpful links to help study, I think it's time to get down and actually do it. To be honest, I've been contemplating doing this since before my last hiatus, but decided that if I didn't have time for a comic, there would be no feasible way I would have time for an animation. But at this point, if it's going to take me this long to update my comic, then what's the point? I wanted to wait until I had something to show you guys, but every time I tried to start something my stress would kick in and I didn't want to anymore. I felt bad for not really keeping in touch with you guys, I never really do news page stuff cause I rarely read comic news. Heck I don't even read comics on here anymore. So I figured it was time to not keep you guys in the dark anymore, and reach a decision: In favor of starting an animation, I will have to quit the comic. I'm still trying to figure out if I should keep this up and change it to like some type of art dump where I post behind the scenes stuff or mini comics for scenes that are referenced but not shown, or if I should just put that stuff on my tumblr idk yet, let me know what you guys think on that.

This will be an insanely tough and huge project I am trying to attempt, especially as I am trying to do it single handedly (because really, these days nobody has time to help someone for free) but this will be a passion project for me and hopefully a successful one. If I can get a new job relatively soon, and get away from my stressful one, then things will go much easier. I will probably create a new Youtube account specifically for this project, so if I end up doing other stuff I can just post it to my current one and keep it less cluttered.

Tl;dr Work is stressing me out, can't draw because of that, going to turn this comic into an animation, thank you everyone for sticking around this long
@SkyHooves: Ahaha I've seen that! They're a pretty decent animator, I'm kinda jealous
@WiispNightmare: Do eet!

XD generally they would just keep telling me my art is fine even when I point out several flaws
@WiispNightmare: You know, I think I do like that better~

XD right? "No stop being so hard on yourself you're art is beautiful!" "You might find it beautiful but I see several flaws I wish to improve upon and I can't do that without first acknowledging them!"
@WiispNightmare: When I took Japanese in highschool, my teacher would say 'Practice makes permanent. Because if you practice it wrong, it's not perfect.' While that is true, the reason I prefer his saying is because nothing in life is ever perfect so striving for perfection is futile and will never end

X3c I hope so, people tend to not understand that's the reason I am so critical of myself because if I'm not then I won't be able to improve as much
@WiispNightmare: Hehe thanks, but sometimes I feel they are too rigid and I can't get the right emotions to be read, or the intensity of the emotion. But it's all a learning curve, that's why I want to practice as much as I can~
Sorry it's been a while
Work's been busy with the new promotion we're doing, and on top of that I got promoted so I gotta do a bit more work. Because of that I come home more tired and less motivated to draw. And the times I do feel like drawing, sometimes my wrist or shoulder get so unbearably painful I can barely stand to sit up by myself. So needless to say that's really affected my progress on pages ^^;

But they are still being worked on! If you follow my Tumblr, you may have noticed I just uploaded another page preview for the next page. Beyond that I have about 6 more pages in the draft stage, so once I get all of those up to at least the line art stage I can start uploading pages again. My goal is to build up a decent buffer so that I can at least upload every two weeks of not weekly.

Also, just so you all are aware, though I will still answer asks I receive here, the majority of them will likely be handled through Tumblr (there is this expression meme thing my friend found that I've only done 2 of, but I kinda want to do more to practice my facial expressions) and I will not upload Tumblr asks here to avoid volume overload. Also, though I will try my best to answer questions in order, as what happened here I may not get to it for a while. But I still save them and try to do them when I have art block or need a break from doing pages, so don't worry I will get to them eventually!
@flare: do you mean Carracosta? its part of the super mystery dungeon story, he's Sunrise's foster dad
@X man: pretty much same, but work. Which is sort of why I haven't been working on pages as much as I would like to lately. been too busy and stressed since I got promoted I have to attend meetings every so often now too
@Zack_Seypher 2: No worries, just taking me a while to get back in the groove of things.I have about 10 more pages prepped out, I just gotta work on them :3
Oh right, almost forgot. Since next week is Christmas, I'm going to be busy with family stuff. Now, I wanted to do a Christmas picture for the comic since I never do those, but I honestly don't know if I will have time to now with the other Christmas pictures I want to do. I do have an idea in mind, and I want to try to make it work, but if not I might attempt a new years picture instead.
Sorry this took so long, had a bit of an issue with work recently and it's been stressing me out to the point I didn't want to eat and couldn't sleep. But here it is!

Also, in case some of you weren't aware (mostly because I messed up and didn't have asks on ^^;) I am currently taking expression requests on my Tumblr page. I know for those who are new or don't go on my Tumblr there's not really a lot of options for you to request as you haven't seen my other characters, but for the long time fans they know of a few that I haven't introduced in this version yet. If you are one of those and do request a character not yet introduced, I will spoiler tag it just in case and actually right now I am going to go back and spoiler tag any characters and concepts that hasn't been introduced in comic yet because I realize it's not fair to spoil newcomers who might want to look at my Tumblr.
@X man: Aww thank you! And I do, however I live in Canada so mine has already passed in October. But I have a lot of American friends so I try to wish them well on both our Thanksgivings~
@X man: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssss
@WriterRaven @X man:

X3c yes they are purple, however it's not necessarily because of the liberties I am taking. Eye color has always been variant with anything, and I figured it is ridiculous to think that each species of pokemon can only have that one particular eye color, so I'm choosing to be variant with eye color, body types, and patterns.

I upload reference sheets of my characters to my tumblr which is linked at the bottom, as well as pages in their initial draft state if you are interested in checking it out