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Big pokemon fan and Kingdom Hearts fan, trying to start my own manga series, and also a pokemon mystery dungeon series; Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Crossing Dimensions. I own at least one of every genre and generation of pokemon, my fav still is Lucario.
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So happy this is finally out of the way
I felt guilty wanting to do other things when this still needed to be finished, but now it's done and I can do other stuff! I'll still be uploading things whenever I do a contest or make another page following team Starlight, but I want to focus on finishing my unfinished artwork, and trying to do animation stuff now that I downloaded this storyboarding app. If it's related to either Foxfire or Starlight, and the site will allow me to upload or link it, I'll upload some of the little animations I want to practice with. I already have a couple cute ideas for Foxfire, so hopefully I'll be able to do it the way I envision it~

Also, I want to say that I realize some of you may be upset I'm no longer doing the comic in pursuit of animation, but I hope you come to understand that on top of my work stressing me out to the point where all I want to do (and sometimes all I'm able to do) is sleep, and my decision to no longer work on it is because it was taking me months to come up with a page and I didn't feel like it was productive at all, but also animation is a big passion of mine that I've wanted to get into before I even started my comic. Back then I didn't have the proper resources or skill to properly do it, but now I have a decent animation program, a storyboarding app, and a good enoug skill level where I feel I could actually make something good. I still feel bad for disappointing most of you, but I was getting nowhere the way things are for me now. And thank you for those who are still sticking around and understand, I really appreciate it~
@JollySyko: XD Technically Nuzleaf isn't her dad either, really she feels only slightly more respectful towards him since he gave her a place when she had nowhere to go and is mostly letting her do her own thing
@JollySyko: I know right?
@JollySyko: X3c aww thanks! Hopefully I can upload my recent one soon, still gotta finish it lol
In case you didn't read the alt text or need a link... :3 (Love ya Nio!)
@SkyHooves: Ahaha I've seen that! They're a pretty decent animator, I'm kinda jealous
@WiispNightmare: Do eet!

XD generally they would just keep telling me my art is fine even when I point out several flaws
@WiispNightmare: You know, I think I do like that better~

XD right? "No stop being so hard on yourself you're art is beautiful!" "You might find it beautiful but I see several flaws I wish to improve upon and I can't do that without first acknowledging them!"
@WiispNightmare: When I took Japanese in highschool, my teacher would say 'Practice makes permanent. Because if you practice it wrong, it's not perfect.' While that is true, the reason I prefer his saying is because nothing in life is ever perfect so striving for perfection is futile and will never end

X3c I hope so, people tend to not understand that's the reason I am so critical of myself because if I'm not then I won't be able to improve as much
@WiispNightmare: Hehe thanks, but sometimes I feel they are too rigid and I can't get the right emotions to be read, or the intensity of the emotion. But it's all a learning curve, that's why I want to practice as much as I can~
Sorry it's been a while
Work's been busy with the new promotion we're doing, and on top of that I got promoted so I gotta do a bit more work. Because of that I come home more tired and less motivated to draw. And the times I do feel like drawing, sometimes my wrist or shoulder get so unbearably painful I can barely stand to sit up by myself. So needless to say that's really affected my progress on pages ^^;

But they are still being worked on! If you follow my Tumblr, you may have noticed I just uploaded another page preview for the next page. Beyond that I have about 6 more pages in the draft stage, so once I get all of those up to at least the line art stage I can start uploading pages again. My goal is to build up a decent buffer so that I can at least upload every two weeks of not weekly.

Also, just so you all are aware, though I will still answer asks I receive here, the majority of them will likely be handled through Tumblr (there is this expression meme thing my friend found that I've only done 2 of, but I kinda want to do more to practice my facial expressions) and I will not upload Tumblr asks here to avoid volume overload. Also, though I will try my best to answer questions in order, as what happened here I may not get to it for a while. But I still save them and try to do them when I have art block or need a break from doing pages, so don't worry I will get to them eventually!
@flare: do you mean Carracosta? its part of the super mystery dungeon story, he's Sunrise's foster dad
@SkyHooves: (sorry for the late reply) There will be! I just need to try to focus more on the main comic pages now, this mini comic will be mostly for when I get stuck and want to find new inspiration~
@Guest Askani: Lol I notice it seems to be a popular duo for the new game, they are visually appealing together at least
@WiispNightmare: XD well yes and no, he is technically your 'legal' guardian, just not your real parents. At least that's how I perceive their relationship. At the same time, he can kick you out of his place at any time, so he is probably able to hold that over you (at least that's probably the only reason Nova listens to him to a certain degree)
@WiispNightmare: XD right? when this was happening I was like "... are... are you serious? Like he's not even your adopted father.... you can literally just walk out..."
@Maka152: I know, I'm sorry I keep taking these long breaks, I keep losing motivation and no matter what I try I can't break it.

However I AM working on a secret project that I am crazy passionate about, I don't want to give any details just yet because I still need to gather some things and do more work. I just hope it works out as good as I imagine it, and hopefully it will be worth the wait ;u;

also love your icon
@HarrisonButterGem: I am debating on it, because knowing me I doubt I will even get to that part of the story until Sun and Moon come out so I may end up adding gen 7 pokemon