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Big pokemon fan and Kingdom Hearts fan, trying to start my own manga series, and also a pokemon mystery dungeon series; Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Crossing Dimensions. I own at least one of every genre and generation of pokemon, my fav still is Lucario.
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So this is probably going to be long, sorry in advance
I know it's been a while, and I haven't gotten nearly as much done as I thought I would by this point, frankly I barely have anything done at all. But I wanted to at least let you guys know what's been happening with me lately.

The past year has been extremely chaotic to say the least, I don't know if I mentioned that I had worked at McDonalds for 7 years (and am fairly certain I developed physical issues due to it, but that's regardless at this point) but I ended up quitting due to stress (I re-developed my constant nosebleeds from my childhood which miraculously stopped within a week of quitting) and not being paid what I should have been with new people making basically the same amount as me. I have a story about that and how I went about quitting, story for another time, the quitting part was kinda funny if not an accidental d**k move. Found a job that paid a bit more, plus paid breaks, PLUS 2 extra 10 minute breaks on top of the mandatory 30 minute lunch break, but it turned out to be seasonal and obviously they favored keeping their regular staff during the 'off' season over me, understandable. Ended up finding another job quickly afterwards at a casino and it was honestly pretty great, I was enjoying myself despite the customer service (plus the pay + tips was amazing compared to what I was used to getting, I was actually able to consistently deposit into my savings). But then I was considering what I wanted to do with my life because I knew I didn't want to stay there, good as it was it didn't make me really happy and I started thinking about wanting to get my own place and set up my own life, and after a bit of research I realized what I want to do, but I was living in the wrong town to follow it. Luckily my sister had previously already moved out of town to one that was more ideal, so one day she calls me saying a place would be open next month if I still wanted to live there, ended up requesting an extension via a deposit pay cause a month was too soon for me to take care of things, and I moved.

Before I moved, I tried applying at places near the address I was sent, and I actually did get a call back from one of them who did a quick phone interview, and mentioned they were having a job fair soon and that would be my best chance to get a job. I wasn't able to go cause I still worked at the casino in my hometown, so I had to hope they might still have an availability. I never heard back from them after that, even after I tried reaching out to them a couple times. Cue me being jobless for a couple months in a new town where I don't know anyone and nobody is responding to any of my applications. I got one response and 2 interviews (same job, different people) near the end, but after the second interview which I thought went really well I stopped getting responses from them too. My roommate was able to help me get a job finally a week ago, so I at least have income again, but honestly, I'm not really sure what I'm going to do moving forward. I try to make a plan, it falls through. After a few fall throughs I try to just sort of go with the flow, it doesn't seem to work the way I think it will and ultimately leads me nowhere again. I'm desperate for some stability but I don't know when or if I will get it, and between all that I can barely do things I enjoy anymore because there's just no time or motivation.

I figure I at least owe those who are still waiting patiently an explanation for my long silence. I think I need to focus on myself for a bit, try to figure things out, get a doctor and try to fix my body or at least figure out what's wrong. Maybe then things will get better.
*unholy screaming Pyrrha*
@Aura9301: X'DDDD I'm not sorry

Thank you! Hoping to get more finished so I can upload more soon, been busy with my new job lately though so haven't had much time to do anything yet
@NioiTakoNoki: >3< yeah but you're farther in your story than I am in mine because I got stuck and am a perfectionist
hehe yeah she protec dat egg

you're still updating and kinda doing better than me if that helps lol
@WiispNightmare: Lol no worries, and thanks!
Here's the guild!
Was going to fully color them but I realized I still need to do a size chart anyway, so I guess this can be like a little preview. Still working on villager designs but I also need to come up with some building designs and a general design for the village too, as well as work out the pages and dialogue.

At the same time, since my job is seasonal I am trying to make pictures for a commission price chart so I can try to make some extra money on the side. Idk if I will be able to make a living off it, but I have seen people be full time artists and being able to live comfortably off that so I figured I would at least try it. I also need to work more on backgrounds but the comic will probably help me with that. I just need to get out of the mindset of "the characters are done so I need to hurry and upload this!" because I have been doing that too much and that is partially why my backgrounds have been suffering. This isn't really related to the comic I suppose, just sort of an update on what I am doing I guess XD
@X man: ^^ Thank you! And yeah I'm pretty happy about it~
@SkyHooves: *shakes aggressively*
Onto more refs!
Happy with how this turned out, I still have a lot of things to work on but I also started refs for the guild characters, they will be more art dump style though instead of like this. making pretty decent headway considering, and once I finish the main characters I can start doing random townspeople too. Thanks for hanging in there guys, I'm starting to get more motivation back so hopefully I can put it to good use!
@WiispNightmare: XDD aww

Okay that sounds awesome~
@WiispNightmare: Definitely no legends, I have this headcanon for pretty much all of them that only one can exist at a time, however hybrids are actually going to be a big part of my comic's subplot, without going into more detail as that treads on spoilery waters. But yeah hybrids are totally fine, within reason I guess like only two because of parents and such
@WiispNightmare: That sucks DX

That should work then, I'll look forward to that! Thanks~
@WiispNightmare: (awww DX)

Hehe yeah I loved it~
Oh cool! I want to try to have as many varieties as possible, species and ages alike. Once I finish refs for the main characters I'll start on background/villagers. Since I decided the village would be relatively small I'm not going to need a ton of refs, but I still want to try to be more versatile. If you have Discord we can message each other more and work together for refs and such if you like :3
@WiispNightmare: *pokes puff puff*

(X'D not totally sure about doing that here, but I could see doing that for the Tumblr blog I have linked at the bottom. Mostly so people who don't want spoilers don't have to worry about it :3c)

Plot-wise I think I'm good, I have most of it figured out but I also spitball ideas with Nioi since we met each other through our comics, though I could definitely use like random villagers and pass-by characters :3
@X man: X3c I think I will end up doing this one, though Skyhooves suggested an idea for the other one I might do, though that one will probably just be on my Deviant Art.

XD thanks, I always felt guilty for taking so long, but I realized something is better than nothing, so I will try to not stress as much :3
@SkyHooves: <3 Thank you, I hope so too lol

That's an interesting idea, though I have never heard of a Caption Story before. I'll look into that but if it is what I am imagining that could be a good idea! Thank you~
@Tracey: ^^ Yeah, I feel renewed energy and confidence after looking over my old pages, I really want this to work this time!
@WiispNightmare: QuQ Thank you so much, that means a lot honestly

Looking at these comments it seems everyone is sort of okay with whatever, but it does seem like a couple would really like to see me continue this so Thats what I will probably do~ I don't know when I will be able to update but I want to be better prepared this time so I am planning everything out first