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S.G. McKeithen, known over the interwebs as LegolianM or simply Lego, is an unemployed bum artist who's currently working on a comic strip about dead people. Because that's all the rage nowadays.
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    S.G. McKeithen
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Men in skirts are awesome.
I'll leave it to you to come up with the rules of that drinking game. The possibilities are nearly endless.
Me too, Taylor. Me too.
Welcome back, LordVecna13!
I imagine Darrell sounding a bit like Benjamin Burnley when he screams, though Darrell's not much of a singer.

Now that I think about it, Benjamin Burnley looks about how I'd imagine Darrell looking as well. Well, a 15 years older version of Darrell.
This concludes our segment on Dauor Sex Ed. I hope it was fun and educational for you all.
Special thanks to Fluff for the guest strip!
Sorry to interrupt the storyline everybody. I'm moving to a different state right now and didn't want to stress myself out over HD, so here's a guest strip. Special thanks to T-Nooler for it!
Taylor has obviously had this conversation before.
MythLover: He is! He just hunted; warm blood gives them a bit more color.
<img src=" quot;>
Don't cry, emo-boy.

I've been waiting a while for this scene! It's quite exciting to have reached it finally.
Becca knows what everybody gets up to in that place.
If you've ever wondered why you never see Julian and Darrell hanging out, it's because their relationship is still basically this.
I like drawing bedrooms, it's a nice look into the personality of a character.

I made an announcement on the main website but forgot to say something here! Starting this week Half Death will be updating Tuesdays and Thursdays while I'm busy moving. The change is only temporary.
I was originally going to try to avoid the stereotype of nerd guys never seeing women in the flesh before, but real world Rosalyn actually DID cause this reaction in the real Bobby's Hobbies. It was too sad to not include here.

The title is just for you, Mussolini.
"I definitely didn't wuss out and leave to go get my nerd on, if that's what you're wondering."

Sorry for the delayed update on this one, my internet went down for a few hours.
I've been wanting to show how Rosalyn hunts. Also I think this is the first time I've ever drawn her ears.
According to a blind friend of mine, this is hilarious.
Special thanks to BabySquare for helping me with the German translation!

(I've been informed now that it isn't a perfect translation, but I've left it the way it is because it's amusing.)