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Haha pretty cool
Oooh who can be at the door? X3
How cute
Aww! May looks soo cute here for some reason. Haha and poor Cloud. He did his best
To tell you the truth, they look alot better then before. But thats just me saying but i think so
I dont understand. So many things are happing at once. Im not getting anything now...
Woot! Fight!! Kick her ass! X3 lol
Image all this as an anime! That be soo cool! Image the world like an anime!!! OMG that be the thing ever!!
Yay!! Congrats!!! ^^
It doesnt work for me....
Who could she be? I need to know
Ohh! Spooky! *Hides*
Ahhh! There here! Run Rhea! Run!!
Thats cool! Wo! O_O Cloud has no shirt! Scars?
Hey, shes really cute!
Soo cool! Mouse... he needs to learn to respect. XP lol
lol itz ok. Im sure he still loves her
*looks at neocoolstar, then looks at comic, then back to neocoolstar* What makes u say that?
Awww! Shes soo cute when shes small
Mouse! U sly! He rules!